Friday, August 6, 2010

Sarah...getting married.

Last Saturday we scheduled a sister lunch at Arlington Gardens in honor of Sarah coming in for the weekend. Lily Lu was included, as she has now become an official member of the Ladies Lunch Society. It our first mother/daughter lunch date here (the first of many I'm sure).

Sarah arrived late...and waltzed in with two major accessories:

A ring.

And a handsome fiance.


Meet Christopher.

Sarah and Chris have been inseparable since high school.
Two completely smitten, twitterpaited love birds.

But it wasn't always so.

I remember first hearing of Christopher Gurries. Sarah was about 15 years-old. A bubbly blonde cheerleader who had a rather substantial case of the snoots. She had heard that Christopher was quite infatuated with her, but didn't return his sentiment...yet. I remember hearing criticisms like he's "too nice" and "too well-mannered" and "too put together": characteristics that any young girl with a partially developed frontal lobe simply couldn't put up with.

I remember spotting him in the bleachers at a football game when I came to see Sarah cheer. Christopher was still on the Junior Varsity football team (beginning his football career that would later lead to playing for Notre Dame), and I watched him closely. Christopher was most certainly NOT watching the game. He was watching that bouncy flouncy snooty cheerleader sister of mine. Later, I noticed him cut outside of the crowd slowly making its on the way out of the game, hurrying to maneuver himself to a position where he'd be able to walk next to Sarah.

Ahhh, how sweet
, I thought.

The way he looked at her.

He still looks at her that way.

Lily was officially asked to be a flower girl with London.

Hopefully there will be strawberry garnished chocolate milk at the wedding too.

And of course, our sister shopping afterward immediately
included a trip to the bridal boutique for fun.

Congratulations Sarah and Chris!

We love you both.


Sarah Hansen said...

Thanks Rae! Wow...I definitely see some foreshadowing in that picture of Lily twirling around in Swoon. So fun to share the day with my sisters:)

Joan said...

The story you told sounds uncannily familiar :) High school sweethearts, blonde-bouncy-flouncy cheerleader, football star. Ring a bell, Rae?

Congratulations to the bride and groom to be. They are a lovely couple.

mal said...

I have the best sisters...and they have the best husbands!! aha well i love you sarah and am sooo happy! and i reli do love you rae:)

Dan said...

I suppose this would be an appropriate time to comment on a little incident while we were all at Lake Tahoe for the 4th of July. Sarah and Chris were there, and of course we all went to the beach.

As background, you have to know that Chris plays football at Notre Dame (insert, buff, tan, football playin' man).

That night, when we are all back at the cabin cleaning up from the beach, Ali nonchalantly mentions that I should maybe, shave my chest and bulk up a bit more.

I thought it a strange coincidence that Chris fit that exact description. Hairless, buff, and tan and that we happened to spend the day with him sans shirt.


Should I be worried?
Should we all be worried?

Welcome to the family Chris!
(Just stay away from my wife).

Ciara said...


Shinae said...

Congrats Sarah & Chris!!!

Natalie in Sparks said...

Exciting! Congratulations to Sarah! Chris looks like a cute, nice guy who is madly in love with her! (you're right about the way he looks at her, so cute!)

Ashley Matuzak said...

Congrats to Sarah and Chris! Rachel I love your blog! I miss you guys!