Monday, August 30, 2010

This is what we call "nesting".

Lily and London's room has been on the to-do list. It was time to update it from the thrown-together-and-still-not-completely-finished-baby-girl-somewhat awful-pastel-extravaganza into something a little more transitional. My little girls are (too quickly) turning into big girls, and it is time there room reflect that. Plus London needs a big girl bed!

So we got to work.
And now, with two ginormous beds, we needed to simplify the room. I decided on one color - pink ( you know my kids?). In my humble opinion, rooms only need a bed, a dresser, and a place for books. Everything else belongs in a closet, which in our case was a nightmare and needed some serious purging.

So much pink...You can just see the testosterone evaporating out of the poor man's ears.

Closet purge:

Bleh.This is what we call an illness. A shopping illness. I belong on a VH1 addiction special.

But speaking of shopping, I did find these mirrors...

But removed the actual mirrors and modge-podged this background...

To make these silhouettes (I know I know, everyone does silhouettes..but they are so darn cute). I would give a tutorial but I really think I did it a completely backward way. I have an aversion to all things 'instruction'. Just google how to do a sillhouette and I'm sure you'll find a better way.

I should just sell copies of London's profile on Ebay. So cute.

And the finished product!!:

Clean closet!

And happy girls.

I love it.
The room feels completely luxurious and girly, and still remains tame enough for my taste to quell any gag reflex coming from too much frilly kitsch. So please, tell me you like it too.

My heart rests happy watching them sleep in their beds together (after they've played, laughed, jumped back and forth, and squealed for three hours before FINALLY falling asleep).


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

I fell in love with it.

SO adorable!!


Emily said...

I absolutely love their room. You have such an eye for decorating. We miss you guys!

Joan said...

I love how simple it is but so rich with texture and comfort. I want a nap in one of their beds! They looks SO cozy.
My poor son sleeps on an IKEA mattress for heaven sake!?