Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tuning out.

We canceled cable a little over a week ago. I reached my breaking point one afternoon as Lily watched Full House on the ABC "Family" Channel. During the commercials, my four year-old got to enjoy the latest promotion of "Wild Child" and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager".
I have a better name for them:
"Sex, sex, and the production of more teen sex in an entirely disingenuous attempt to 'educate' teenagers about the risks involved with sex on our 'family' network."

Why don't they just get to the real details...such as the fact that if our youth continue at the present rate of sexual activity, approx 50% of the entire female population and 40% of the entire male population* in the United States will have contracted genital herpes by 2025 (which by the way, is spreading fastest through oral sex...the supposedly acceptable substitute in which a teen can still claim his/her V-card and 'not worry' about pregnancy).

ABC "Family" Channel: why don't you save yourself the trouble: fire all of the ridiculously attractive actors making-out all over the television screen and the teeny-bopper babes with their strap on "pregnant" bellies , and just give us one snap shot of what 50% of our entire society's puss-filled, wart covered crotches are going to look like in 15 years.

Just an idea.


An Angry Mother

*"Projection of the Future Dimensions and Costs of the Genital Herpes Simplex Type 2 Epidemic in the United States," Sexually Transmitted Diseases, October 2002, 29 (10): 608-22

Quoted in the Strong Fathers/Strong Daughter's book (i.e. the book that will make you rethink the responsibility of having children. It's too late for us, but will be a wedding gift to all couples in the future..."Go on...leave us...but save yourselves!").


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

I have always thought that about ABC "Family". Way to go and make a stand Rae!

I love Full House.


Joan said...

Puss filled, wart covered crotches is right. SIIIICCKKKK!
And I too could not be more disgusted with TV in general these days.

Natalie in Sparks said...

Way to go sista! It is scary what they will allow on TV these days, especially ones who have the word "family" in the title.

It makes me mad too when your hubby/sons can't even watch a game on ESPN without a "Girls Gone Wild" commercial or some other totally bad and nasty commercial.

And aren't there enough disgusted women out there who are tired of seeing women in general on TV being portrayed as objects? You would think that if so, there wouldn't be as much of it going on.

Time for more of us to take a stand - thanks for the inspiration!

Joan said...

I crave blog posts from other words: I like you.