Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catching up.

I've been gone for a while.
Too tired,
too busy,
too pregnant.
I really don't like it when I get like this. My mental and physical states don't seem to match up to my life requirements. I have a bajillion things running through my little life sieve: thoughts/memories/moments,
but only a few are caught and actually savored and elaborated on.

Two major events of the past two weeks:

1. The Newlyweds:

Jacob and Erica.
Aww, so sweet.
It is so fun to watch two people in love swear their devotion to each other.
Really, nothing is more beautiful when you think about it. Come rain or shine or watching a baby crown its head into the world while your wife screams profanities at two promise to make it work. It's all very inspiring.
I felt lucky sitting next to my own groom, watching Jacob and Erica make their vows while contemplating the enormity of what they were committing to.
Marriage is spectacular, and so. much. bigger. than you think it is when you first set out starry eyed. Only six years in, and I continue to learn that, and am pleasantly surprised at how it has exceeded my greatest expectations (truth I tell you!).

At the Reno reception, I got to be in charge of flowers. yes!

On the big day, all eyes and cameras were on them...until Finn so rudely decided to show up in a tux. How dare he.
My camera now has approximately 897 [unbelievably cute] pictures of him, and I failed to get any good close-ups of the bride and groom. Oh dear.

Finn and Auntie Sarah
Lol. Just for you Sarahbear.

Okay okay, fine - here's this one:

Sarah and Finn's pretty Momma Ali.

Tyler and I decided on a whim to escape and fly to the Arizona wedding ourselves and leave our munchkins behind (as fun as driving for 14 hours with them would have been). We spent the best few days with our dear friends Joan and Brandon and their adorable boys Jimmie and Max (Joan is expecting boy #3 one day after me). It was so good to catch up with my Joanie while rubbing each other's fat feet.

Oh yes, which reminds me...
Lily and London, meet your future husbands:

Rocking the dance floor.
I knew you girls would appreciate that.
You would also appreciate the fact that BOTH of them told your big prego Momma that she "looked so pretty" as she was getting ready for the wedding. For real.
I'm not letting them get away, betrothal documents have already been signed.

And now for second big event, and pathetic disclaimer:

2. Lily's first day of preschool...
that her mother wasn't present for because she was at the wedding. Here she is on Nonna and Pop's doorstep.
I know, I know. I'll never forgive myself either.

But we did have a special Mom & Lily lunch and shopping date together before I left to pick out her first day of preschool outfit. Here's what she chose:

We picked up an outfit for Lundy girl too.
Which she wears boots and all.

Nonna was an excellent stand-in (thank you Nonna), and spoiled the girls with another trip to Build-a-Bear, where Lily chose a new puppy and London picked the exact same stuffed kitty she chose last time. Only a Nonna would purchase two of the exact same kitties. Lily and London, you are blessed/spoiled/blessed/spoiled/blessed.

Lily at Miss Susan's most amazing preschool...


And I really have no decent conclusion to these events.

Now you've been caught up.

I'm still tired.

The end.


Joan said...

HOOOORAY! I have been checking your blog incessantly, anxiously awaiting a post from you :)
Tonight we had German pancakes for dinner and Brandon told me that Tyler mentioned I made them for you two and how much he enjoyed them. Then Brandon said, "Have I told you that I really like him?" I said, "Me too! He is SUCH a good guy" :)
Won't you come and visit again soon?! PLEEAAASE?
Oh and we like YOU too :) haha.

Rae. said...

So funny Joan, I almost mentioned the German pancakes. I already made them for Sunday breakfast this last week. Sooooooo good.

It is a crime we live so far away.

Joan said...

Ps: GOR-GEOUS flower arrangements at the open house/NV reception! The limes are a perfectly classy, crisp touch to the elegant hydrangea. Well done :)

Larissa said...

love how you to always are the one to talk about flowers and how you know what kind of flowers they are
love your soccer pro rissa

Anonymous said...

Rachel where is Lily going to preschool? I am looking at possibly sending Jesse preschool it would be fun if they went together :)

Email me: