Saturday, September 25, 2010


Family dinner Fall '09

It's nice to know you're loved. And be reminded.

Apparently my last post sent a little wave of worry through the family.

I received the first phone call from Dan...

"Hey Rae, I was just about to take Finnan on a little hike up in the mountains and was wondering if I could bring Lily and London along too so you can have a little break..."

" you think I'm crazy? You think I'm crazy. Did you read my blog or something? Are you worrying? Did Mom put you up to this?"

"No, not at all. I just thought of it myself."

Later it was Sarah...

"Hey! Just wanted to call and check your blog and was thinking you maybe needed to talk...."

Then my Mom...

"Is everything okay? Your brothers have been calling and asking if I've read your blog...."

Earlier during the week, I was in at my Dad's office.
He took one look at my face and proceeded with:

"How ya doin' Rae pooper?"...."I sure wish I could be of more help"...."We're really proud of you ya know..."
(You know you must look really. bad. when he starts talking like this in the middle of a workday...)

Glad to see my dramatics have done their job. Boooohahaaaahaaaaaa. I've got them wrapped around my swollen pregnant finger.

Daniel did take the girls for a hike.
He returned and reported that they
"Are just like their mother...
They kept asking when we were going to sit down and take a break and eat a snack."

Yep, those are my girls. Making me proud.

Lily and London spent this afternoon up at Gamma and Pop's, where Mallory watched them so I could sneak out for a bit and shop in silence. I bought a few fall decorations for the house, pictures to come soon. I'm now tucked into my bed for the night. The girls are asleep, and Ian just walked through the door...he's my guest for the evening so I don't get too scared.

I know, I'm pathetic.

But sooo grateful for all these peeps. Don't know what I'd do without them.
And hence you see my predicament. I want so badly for my children to have as many siblings to share Sunday dinners with... but that would mean more pregnancies.
Cousins may have to do.


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

Hey-I would love to reschedule a walk with you say, this week sometime!!? Let me know when Tyler is getting back and then lets plan something. I NEED it!!


Erica said...

Rachel, I what you mean when you just to vent a little and then it gets taken the wrong way and comments, phone calls, and texts. Phew! Dang the internet...

Joan said...

You really do have such an amazing family...a phenomenal support group just waiting to lend you a hand--or 16! (8 siblings--two hands each--I can do math!)