Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sabbath recommends...

I love Sundays. Even more so since I've become an adult/mother/wife/etc.
They used to be the bane of my weekly existence.
The day we went to church. The day we weren't allowed to go shopping or hang out with friends. Forced to take naps and spend time with our boring ol' siblings.

In my book, it was the day of DON'TS.

Ahh, the brain of a child.

It has just been within the past few years that it has sprung to the top of my list of favorites. I was asked to speak in church one Sunday a while back and my topic assigned was "Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy". After diving in more deeply, my initial reaction was curiosity over how the heck instructions on the Sabbath got into The Ten Commandments. Seriously, the top ten? Really? Is it that big of a deal?

*'Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy'
is an excellent segue into
*'Thou Shalt not Kill'.
You can totally see how the two relate, right?
Even the smallest child can make the obvious connection: Play hookey from church on a Sunday and you're clearly liable to end up committing adultery with the idol worshiping neighbor's spouse whose coveted car you've both stolen after you've murdered the parents you dishonored.

But as I thought further of this day, and more specifically what it means to me, it became clearer why it is so important:

A day of mandatory retreat from the world.
A day to keep holy.
A day to
A day intended to feed your spirit.

This is good stuff. And who doesn't need that? It is certainly something any busy person like myself would not make time for. An entire day devoted to this? Naaah, too much laundry... I must stock up on shampoo at Ulta while the sale is still going on...we need groceries....

I could not fathom making time for this...unless, of was included in the Big Ten.

Now I've found it is my only day of complete family time. I can actually find a minute to bake a batch of cookies with Lily. Maybe deliver them to the neighbor (or eat them all in one sitting and promise myself that next Sunday we will deliver them to a neighbor). Crack open the scriptures. Visit with a friend after church. Talk with Tyler on the couch, with him looking so handsome as he unbuttons his shirt collar and loosens his tie. We both look quite lovely on Sunday after church...smelling fresh and hair done up nicely. It's fun to plop in bed together and mess it up.
Eat a big Sunday dinner with fluffy white rolls and chocolate cake.
Sit outside and chat with family.
Listen to wholesome music.

Which leads me to my recommendation...

Such a good variation on classic hymns. Which by the way, used to be the #2 bane of my existence. I know it's horrible to admit, but I've always had a hard time connecting with choirs singing hymns. It's like a hymnal vitamin deficiency or something. But these! Oh how I like these. My two favorites are "For the Beauty of the Earth" and "Sweet Hour of Prayer". I dare you to listen to these and not feel warm and fuzzy inside.

You should really check it out and watch the little video too.

And no worries - you don't even have to be Mormon to appreciate it!
You can thank me later.

Have a happy Sabbath day.

Keepin' it holy,


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Joan said...

They have such a fresh, folk sound! Awesome recommendation, Rae. Thank you!