Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Child Labor and Labor for Child

The past few days have been so delightfully perfect. A storm has settled into our neck of the woods and hasn't let up without dumping a few good glugs of rain and plenty of thunder. Talk about cozy. My pumpkin candle has been burning round the clock, we've lingered longer in our blankets, and sported fluffy socks all throughout the house. Feels lovely after all of the heat.

In preparation for Miss Elle, our carpets and tile were cleaned last week. Yesterday, the blind cleaner came and now the white blinds throughout the house could easily be mistaken for brand-spanking-new. Add to that my bizarre 4am episode of nesting last Saturday, in which I cleaned out four closets and the girl's playroom (amounting to 7 bags worth of Goodwill donations - how on earth do we accumulate so much "stuff"?), and I'm feeling so refreshed. The house is cozy AND clean. The to-do list is diminishing as I find myself more and more heavy at the feet. I plan on lazy dazying the next month before her big arrival. Which is strangely difficult for me. I don't know how NOT to be busy busy. Lying on the couch with my feet up feels luxurious and completely wasteful at the same time. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Lily and London were put to work as well.

Scrubbing their art work...

off of all the doors throughout the house...

Today we will stay put, at home, other than a brief venture out to Walmart for a few items. I'll pull out our newborn clothes box and begin getting the dresser stocked and assessed. I'm sure the girls will squeal with excitement. London will beg to try they them on herself (as she did the other day until I finally gave in and let her attempt to wear a pair of size 6 months leggings), and Lily will plead that I donate a few outfits for her Fancy Nancy doll.

I also plan on making this Chili from Miss Paula Deen. Looks super yummy.

Picture of White-Bean Chili Recipe

A good, chilled October day.

Hope you enjoy it too.


And a special shout out to Pop-I: Happy Birthday! We love you.

Gamma, Pop-I and grandkids.
Picture taken Summer '09.

Hilarious. Despite approx. 20 people behind the camera
attempting to get the babies to smile,
this was the best shot.

I like it.

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Joan said...

Ahhh, the joys of nesting. I am proud of you for being so productive. I find myself being excessively grouchy lately. Not so fun. I need to get over myself and carpe diem a bit more.