Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to choose a Candidate.

Early voting is almost over!
I mentioned a while back that my Dad, Ira Hansen, is running for the assembly seat in district 32....and now I'm going to give you the world's best reason to vote for him:

This morning:

After I spent a portion of last night in the hospital for high blood pressure problems with this pregnancy, I was put on orders to stay off of my feet for a few days. My sis-in-law Ali was my nurse too! She delivered the orders from my doctor, and we both looked at each other like:
"Oh dear, who has time to lie in bed all day?!"

The problem: I was scheduled to watch Finnan today while she worked, Tyler is away taking his P.E. Exams in California, Grandma had a field trip she couldn't miss with Larissa, and Daniel is in medical school.

Who to the rescue?!!: The candidate.
Also known as Pop (to my kids).
He arrived this morning to pick up all three of his grandchildren,
during a hectic campaign season no less.

Shows the true measure of a man.

If he can clean up this mess, just imagine what he can do in the legislature.

Vote for Ira!

Vote for Ira!

Vote for Ira!

And tell your friends!

Click here to visit his website.


Daniel said...

Hooray for Pop!

He'll smoke the competition!

Joan said...

What a MAN! I love the video on his website. All that he said should be every politician's mantra.

Ciara said...