Monday, October 18, 2010

No, this is not my baby. But I do love her.

Meet Zoe.

Zoe Jeanene Volger.

Oh my, isn't she just precious?

She will be Ellie's friend.

And Lily and London's too, of course.
(London already excitedly squealed - when viewing the first text'd picture we received of her last night: "O Myyyy Gosssss! I wanna pet him...." No offense Zoe dear, she is still having pronoun issues. He/him/her/she/cats/dogs/humans/babies: they're all the same.)

Welcome to the world, Zoe.

You are just exquisite.

Quite the little celebrity. You have a large entourage,
all who have been very excited to meet you, little Miss.

And someday, I will tell you stories about your Mom.


I met her when we were 15.

I had braces, bangs, and big white sketchers.
She wore t-shirts with giant airbrushed eyeballs on them.

We were big dorks. And best friends.

We worked on cheers together late at night in her bedroom.

We cried to each other about our boyfriends.

We wrote each other notes of advice about such boyfriends,

as if we had a clue.
(We didn't.)

I fixed her hair one year for prom, after a stylist attempted to channel Martha Washington meets Jane Austen meets hideously tight bun and mini ringlets.

I called her frequently in college when I was homesick and sad.

I was on the other end of the phone line screaming after your Daddy proposed.

I was standing by her side when she said "I do".


And just nine months ago, I was once again screaming in the kitchen when they arrived to tell me about your pending arrival.

And I cried with your Mom as we both puked our guts out for the next three months.

And cursed our pregnant, swollen extremities.

And we talked

And talked

And talked

About everything under the sun related to you.

For nine whole months.

It seemed like eternity some days.

But today... I held you.

And remembered how gosh darn worth it this whole process is.
(I knew it was, and so did your Mom).

You are magical,
with the most perfect little features
and sweet spirit
and it was a pleasure meeting you.


Auntie Rae

You're going to like me. I promise.
{Because I'll bribe you with candy at an early age...shhhh, don't tell your Mom}.


Sarah said...

This is such a nice blog Rae:) Yes Zoe, everyone is so happy you are here. What a great friendship too. It's one you read about. I am glad I was able to be there for a lot of it too. I remember the Martha Washington/Jane Austen hair. It was quite a funny day. Welcome to the world Zoe. Now I am off to help bring more babies into the world!

Shinae said...

YAY Zoe!! Welcome to the world little one. Can't wait to meet you!
Love, one of many aunties....Nae

Joan said...

It is so worth it. The minute you see that perfect tiny face staring up at you. Such a magical moment...every time :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog made me cry! Tender tears from the heart. So happy for Cass & Max! Send my Love!

Alexis said...

Happy Day! Two wonderful new parents and a long awaited baby doll. Beautiful tribute Rae. Friendships like yours don't come along very often.

Casady said...

Ok... this is like the 10th time I have tried to comment on this post so I hope the 10th time is a charm...
I read this post a lot and every time it makes me cry. This is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever written for me and I am forever grateful. You are the bestest friend a girl could have and I will miss you dearly when you move. We need to make sure to experience all of life's little (or big) joys together the way we did with this pregnancy!! I promise to take very good care of our friendship but know that whatever is thrown our way we will always be the best of friends. Here's to new adventures and old friends!! Love you!