Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gifts and Gratitude.

What a serendipitous month for Ellie Jane to have made her debut. I've been swimming in a pool of emotion and love, so much so that I've avoided this blog for a bit in order to avoid sounding like a generic hallmark card. Additionally, I just think it safe to steer clear of spewing sentiment until the typical two-week postpartum rush of hormones has passed. I really don't want my posterity questioning whether these words truly stem from the inner sanctum of my motherly soul or a biological overdose of prolactin (actually, it is safe for any lactating human to assume that all future emotions and thought patterns are products of both. Welcome to the world of milking - I still foster an empathetic connection with dairy cows: we're soul species).

But really, Thanksgiving couldn't more aptly describe the condition of this month for me. So thankful to have Ellie. Thankful to not be pregnant anymore! Thankful for my children. Healthy, happy girls. Thankful for a {swollen} body that did a rather marvelous job at bringing life into the world. Thankful to my sister-in-law Ali for being the best labor and delivery nurse a girl could ask for. Thankful for a large room full of loving people waiting in the hospital corridor, anxious over my labor and excited about our baby. Thankful for the ample amounts of meals and good wishes and gifts from friends and church. Thankful for our cozy home as the cold sets in.

{Daniel's amazing, way super gourmet meal: chicken in a lemon caper sauce served with a bed of spinach salad with a delicious vinagrette with roasted sweet potatoes & tomatoes with toasted pinenuts !!!????!!!!! Get out!}

So thankful for my husband. Gold, that man. Solid gold. It seems that pregnancy taxes our relationship on a variety of levels (mostly attributed to my terrible attitude....I own it). But, the moment labor sets in, I am reminded/humbled/awed at how perfectly in sync we can be. He was so wonderful. To have your body taxed to the utmost extreme, reduced to primitive rubble as you groan and squirm and... okay, okay... shriek and scream in pain - can be mildly...okay okay...extremely humiliating for a girl with a serious knack for vanity and control. But this man would have me believe it was all very normal...amazing even (okay okay, it is). And having him home for a straight ten days afterwards only solidified that bond. We're certainly exhausted (weary to the bone) and excited for a moment to ourselves - but so grateful to be each other's number 1 team player. He even whispered the other night, as we were settling into bed and I smiled..."it's nice to have you back." It's nice to be back.

I've also given myself a gift with baby number three: time. You learn quickly with each child that what people previously warned you about is startlingly true: you blink twice and suddenly your child is 5...10...25...

I still can't believe I have three children. I swear I just gave birth to Lily yesterday. And so, for the rest of this year, I've halted all normal aspirations towards perfection and simply cancelled piano lessons till January, selectively forgotten all of the happenings of my Dad's business, and don't plan on returning to church for a few weeks. Our days are to be spent slowly. Lots of cuddling, nursing, and chewing on Ellie's lips (they are soooo yummy).
Look at those lips!

Time to help Lily and Lundy girl adjust to the new baby as I learn to divvy out the love to three precious girlies .
BTW, they are doing great. Couldn't adore her more. Just the other day I came out of the bathroom to find them providing Ellie with every toy she could ever desire.

Our days are free to consist of pajamas or a trip to the park (weather permitting). Dinner-time and stories. Visits to Grandparents and extra naps. Maybe a Christmas craft or two.

But mostly, no agenda.
(now that is a gift.)


So...I'm not sure how frequent my posts will be,
we shall see.

Until next time,



Emily said...

You bring such emotion when I read your sweet words on having a new baby. She is beautiful! What fun your girls are going to have.

Amy said...

I love reading your blog. You are so real and a wonderful writer. Your girls are beautiful congrats!!!

Joan said...

THOSE LIPS!!! Wow, she's a beauty.

Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

As always Rachel, I love your blog, I love your stories and the way you write about and depict motherhood and being a wife. Such a delight. And Ellie - don't even get me started. Those lips!!! Makes me crave a new born. Congratulations! Soak it all in. I'll never understand how 9 months of pregnancy and 9 months with a new baby are actually the same amount of time. I swear pregnancy is 5 times longer. It's a mean trick to get us to continue to procreate.