Thursday, November 18, 2010

Morning people.

Mornings are the best. Well, with a baby that is.

I was NEVER a morning person. I despise early mornings (normally). Tyler will testify to this. Since the very beginning of our marriage, we were polar opposites in this department. That boy would wake up smiling, joking, dancing naked in the shower in pure glee as he prepared to head out for a day's work. And I found it positively disturbing.

What. on. earth. are. you. so. damn. happy. about?
I would think in my groggy, grumpy head.

And until around 9:30am, that was the usual tone of my mornings.

But my babies wake up and bring a miraculous level of sunshine into my morning. Smiles and stares and alert periods when we can just visit and smoochy smoochy. The girls crawl into bed and we enjoy Ellie's big blue eyes.

She actually looks like Petrie from The Land Before Time.

Remember Petrie?

I love her newborn-ness.
She is like a little birdie mousie Petrie darling.
And it is most evident in the morning.
Early morning.


Anonymous said...

More pics more pics more pics!!! So adorable! :)
-amy m.

Mary said...

she is a beautiful newborn. Good job Tyler and Rachel!!

Ashley Jane said...

She is so adorable and I can't wait to meet her! I actually can't wait to see all of you because sadly its been a year:(

Sarah said...

I cannot wait until Tuesday until I can cuddle with her. Oh my gosh she is so cute.

Joan said...

I LOVE Petrie :) Cutest little dinosaur ever...but it's safe to say Ellie trumps even cute Petrie without a doubt!

Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

I would live to meet her in person!