Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The type of day I could really use a nanny.

I spent over two hours composing a blog yesterday.


Such a colossally absurd waste of time.

I published it, and returned to delete it after five minutes. I was annoyed with grammatical errors, incomplete thoughts, and the general fact that I had truly just wasted London's entire nap-time on such garbage.

As you can see from the above photos, yesterday wasn't our finest hour.


London (heaven bless my child, I love her to the bottom of my being) is driving. me. insane. She insists I perform "Eenie mini Mini mo" for everything lately. I'm averaging around 12 times a day. The problem is, she doesn't ever like the outcome. Whether reading a book, picking a barbie, selecting shoes, or choosing which route to take home from Grandma's house, she begs me to sing and point between two alternate choices.

"Which one do you want London?"

"No Mom, sching (sing) Eeenie Mini Mo!"

"Eenie mini mini mo, catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollars make him pay, fifty dollars every day, my mom says to pick the very best one, and you are the one to be IT!" Okay! we're reading The Night Before Christmas!"


"Then why am I continually singing Eenie mini Mini mo? London, the POINT of Eenie mini Mini mo is to make a decision when you can't make it yourself. It makes the decision for us. See, isn't it fun!?!!!!!


Three year old logic. If this continues through her later years, I'm going to have much bigger problems on my hands.

Lily (heaven bless my child, I love her to the bottom of my being) will not stop interrupting me as I try to get anything done. Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom....I want a drink of water, I want a cookie, can we build the gingerbread house?, dress my babydoll, can we build the gingerbread house?, I want to go outside, I wanna watch a movie, I don't want that movie, I want to paint, can we build the gingerbread house?, who are you talking on the phone to?, what are you saying to them?, why?, I don't want to wear panties, can we build the gingerbread house?, I want a drink of water, can we build the gingerbread house?
And Lils, if you keep refusing any photos - this is all I'll have to post!

Ellie (heaven bless my child, I love her to the bottom of my being).
Oh wait, she's still perfect (for now).
hi petrie.
But yesterday, as she sat in her carseat about to be buckled into the car, London climbed into the front seat of the car and BLASTED the horn....in a closed garage. I'm sure detonating a bomb would have been quieter.

I freaked....freeeeeeaked out. London freaked. freeeeeeaked out.


I am continually amazed at the extreme spectrum of parenting. It is so completely blissful and fulfilling and magical on one end, and the other end is pure unadulterated torture. And our pendulum only seems to be at either extreme. I wouldn't complain if we could linger for just a time in the middle section: the "Eh, they're pretty cute I guess. I suppose I'll keep feeding them." area.

Later, when London stood up at the dining room table and consciously pee'd all over the clean chair and floor, I yelled like a banchee and complained and moaned as I cleaned up the mess and lamented my very existence. Then took one look at their darling faces looking up at me, seeming to say "What is wrong? Why are you such a mean mom?"

So put myself in the naughty chair. I really did.

I sat there for a time, and decided they needed a trip to Gamma and Pops.
I thought a visit to the gym to swim laps would help soothe my weary heart (and help me fit into my Christmas dress for Tyler's upcoming company party).
Instead, I opted for browsing the aisles of Walgreens stocking up on diapers and Reese's peanut butter cups. It was wonderful.

We'll have a better day today. And I'm not spending another second on this blog.


Joan said...

I think Walgreens and resees are the perfect anecdote for a bad day :)
Whenever you want to beat your children just watch your new slide show...they really are as perfect as they come--but I know you already knew that!
Ps: I'm dying to know what your deleted post was about.

Anonymous said...

That is what I love about you and your blog...it is not just about those beautiful precious moments but it shows the other side! Keep it coming Rae...the good, the bad and the ugly! Every mother lives it they just won’t write or even talk about it. If they would only realize how much better it would make them feel to express those out of control days. I love that you can make me laugh my fanny off at some of your blogs and yet bring joyous tears from others reading about my beautiful granddaughters. Pure honesty. Love it! Nonna

Sarah said...

Oh the games children come up with. I love them. Darling photoshoot of the meltdown.

Amy thrower said...

Mike and I have a tradition where every year we save the piece we cut off the bottom of our tree. I take that piece and decoupage our family Christmas photo on it. That then is our family ornament each year. Love your blog!