Monday, January 24, 2011

Never talk to Lily about kissing a wall.

So yeah, Lily overheard me telling the whole wall kissing quote (if you didn't read my latest post, not my fault... please sit yourself down and catch up. Thank you.).

At Grandma's house on Sunday, I was reiterating the darling story to my Aunt who happened to be in town.

And Lily noticed.

I found her hunched in a corner back in the office room, head buried in her hands....crying.

I. felt. awful.

My girl was embarrassed. So embarrassed.

Her face was red as the tears trickled down her little cheeks.

Don't you remember that as a kid?!

The time your own mother threw you under the bus...

openly sharing your most appalling secrets...

such as the time when I was 14...

and in front of a handful of way-more-popular-cheerleader-pretty-everything i'm not because i was home-schooled from 5th thru 8th grade and lacked all knowledge of fashion and social etiquette- sporting braces three times larger than the actual size of my teeth,

she mentioned:

"Oh! Rachel LOVES Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman. She never misses an episode!"


I tried to apologize to Lily. Sincerely. I felt terrible.

Her response?

(cue dramatic five year-old emotion, lots of hand snapping and head waving and stomping off):

"No! I'm so friggin done with you!"

What?!!! I'm so "friggin" done with you? Friggin?!!! FRIGGIN?!!!

However, I didn't feel the time was appropriate to reprimand the use of slang.

{Note to self: stop using the word friggin. It only serves as another obvious reminder that you are indeed an unfit parent.}

On the drive home, I begged and pleaded and {fake} cried. All to no avail. As Tyler and the girls unloaded in the garage, in a last ditch effort I even went as far as to stoically inform Lily that I would stay put in the car and not move into the house until she forgave me. I would sit there. {fake} crying.

Her response:

"Go ahead."

It took another thirty minutes until she finally cuddled up to me and accepted my apology {but I didn't stay in the car}.

So, no more embarrassing stories about Lily. Out loud, that is.

I can write them though.

Until she can read.

And then I'll have no more material for this blog, and Rae's corner will officially shut down.

So {friggin} sad.

{Moral of the story:It is wrong to embarrass your children. Especially when, as clearly evident in this photo, they are severely lacking in security and self-confidence}


Joan said...

Oh, now that is hilariously awesome: "I'm SO friggin done with you!" haha. I can't get over it.

Lacy said...

Rachel..Don't feel so bad, I also LOVED Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I feel like we were all awkward at 14. And Lily is ADORABLE!

amy m. said...

Good title.

Natalie in Sparks said...

This post was so friggin funny! You are awesome!

Sarah Hansen said...

I laughed so friggin hard at this post. hilarious. one of your finest.

Sarah Hansen said...

If it makes you feel any cooler...Christopher and I had a remote fight over Little House on the Prairie. Lets just say I wasn't the one who wanted to watch it. Maybe you two can hang out and catch up together?