Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Of the many reasons...

We'll be sharing something fabulous. Eewy gooey chewy melty chocolately cookieish icecream filled whip creamed topped perfection. Bite by bite, little by little, it starts to get frantic. Moderately competitive. Edging the spoon first around the outer perimeter of the brownie, until one goes for the kill. Center cut. Side-swoop. Shoulders hunch in as our faces get closer and closer to the dish. Scoop, savor, swallow. Scoop, forget savoring, swallow. Scoop swallow. Scwallow (face is now close enough to desired, delectable target as to eliminate the divide between a "scoop" and a "swallow", it just turns into one fluid motion : hence the term Scwallow). Scwallow scwallow scwallow.

Our silverware inevitably intersects in the mayhem...clank clank...

We pause momentarily. Sit up straight, pull back, and politely napkin pat the cocoa drizzle dripping down our chins. We glance side to side around the restaurant, which up until this point had become a murky blur.

"I feel like you're getting more than me."

"What?!! With those ladle-fulls you're taking? Who are you feeding...godzilla?"

"Oh yeah, what about you - trying to set a Guinness world record for fastest spoon rotation from plate to mouth...?"

But the the twist to this scenario is that this conversation only occurs in the middle of consumption. We reconvene the battle of the bulge (pun intended) and as we near the end, he always sets his spoon down just prior to that last fantastical bite. He never says anything either. Just pretends he's done. Just like that. Competition over. He lets me win.

Every time.


Last night, he hopped over to Bloom to re-read my guest post, and scrolled through the comments section. I glanced over to see him smiling as he read. He did his signature fast hand-rubby thing, looked up at me mischievously and accused, "You feel cool, don't you?"

"Well,... maybe just a little...shut up. You like me."

"Yeah, I do. A lot."


He passed his P.E. a few weeks ago
(Professional Engineering Exams).
Worked tirelessly for his M.B.A.
His achievements are quite...ahem... substantial.

And yet he is so proud of a silly blog post.

And always saves that last bite for me.

So many big reasons.

And yet...

the little ones


Congratulations, my love.

You are my dream boy.

Always have been.


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

I love the picture of you two with your laptops in bed!Daron and I would seriously love to be on the internet together more than watching T.V. or something. Does that make us all dorks?

Sweet post.

Abbie said...

You are cool!

I was serious about that real life friending stuff (holy wow, I sound like a stalker). But yeah, this bloggie you've got here is great. I think you should pound out a Bloomin essay every week (no pressure cuz I know you don't have anything else to do).

That's all.

Abbie (who will probably pop by occasionally...if you don't mind:)

Sarah Hansen said...

I would like to know who took this photograph. Was it Lily?