Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How was your Valentine's weekend?

(Until I get a new camera, all upcoming photos are plucked from the archives and will be potentially purposeless, aside from the fact that picture-less posts are boring, and therefore any picture is better than NO picture)


Ours was lovely.

*Tyler arranged for the girls to spend the night at Nonna and Pop's, then treated me to a romantic evening at home: candlelight dinner for two....with him cooking. (!)
The next morning, we awoke to a 7am call that Lily was sick and crying for her "Mommy". So nice to be needed (really).

*The rest of the weekend was spent in pajamas

*We quickly recovered from whatever ailment had struck, house was disinfected, and we reconvened normal existence as of February 14th. Back to the usual...grocery shopping, laundry, and a brief "Oh yeah, Happy Valentine's Day" to the Mr.

*I received a phone call from Lily's preschool teacher to go over some scheduling. She reiterated a story about Lily that made her laugh: At the beginning of the week, each student shared what they did over the weekend, and Lily informed the class that she had been naughty at church. She then professed that she would "never do that again."
Tobey (her classmate) responded, "You're never going to be naughty again?"
Lily replied, "No! I'm never going to church again."

*As promised, the girls and I baked sugar cookies all of Valentine's evening while listening to Disney Princess soundtracks. It was all fine and dandy until 10pm rolled around, cut-outs were still baking, dough smashed throughout all the tile grout on the floor, and I was left frosting cookie number nine hundred ninety nine while watching The Bachelor - all while wondering what had happened to my life.

*We delivered above mentioned cookies to a few friends, with Happy (Late) Valentine's Cards. I watched from the car as Lily and London ran up to Renee's door, shoving each other to and fro in an escalating rush to be the first to ring the doorbell. They ended up tripping over each other, falling to the ground - a fall which sent London colliding into the wall and the box of cookies sailing. Renee greeted two crying children at the door.**

(**And Renee, if you still check in on this blog, doesn't it just make ya want to have kids?!! Watch out Travis: when my snot nosed shrieking children arrive on your doorstep armed with smashed, day late sugar cookies, it can only mean one thing to the female occupant: B.A.B.Y. H.U.N.G.E.R.)

*I spent tonight holding Ellie Jane, singing her lullabies as she stared intently into my eyes. My heart oh my heart oh my heart be still. No words for moments like that.


The End.


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

Those cookies were amazing!

Shinae said...

I want sugar cookies. Send those girls on over. :)

renee said...

Rachel, you crack me up! Your amazing cookies and your screaming children are welcome at my house any time! Poor girl just wanted to ring the darn doorbell :) They are so cute and a repeat visit is definitely in order.


Artfulife said...

WE really enjoyed the cookies. Zoe & Aris were fighting over who would get the ones with brown sprinkles.