Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I feel the need to tell you...

I can't keep up with my life.

I want so badly to be that daily post type of gal.


Check back soon. Something is bound to come eventually.

Just look at me. This is bad. Very very bad.
And you're not gonna believe this, but the fleeced out pinkanator turtleneck zip-up was a recent purchase.

Seriously. I consciously bought this fleece. For $7 at Target. It really compliments the old yoga pants and I'm-a-semi-new-mother-in-enough-denial-to-still-desperately-cling-to-my-aspirations-towards-being-a-long-haired-vixen-but-for-now-it-remains-in-a-greasy-ponytail-until-my-children-graduate-from-college-when-I'll-then-become-an-old-mother-with-nasty-long-coarse-horse-hair-still-desperately-clinging-to-my-aspirations-of-being-a-long-haired-vixen look.

Until next time my friends,
please don't leave me for good.


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

We need to hand out some time.

I will wear something just as classy as your pink zip up, I promise.


Abbie said...

have you been stealing words out of my brain?


p.s. you look hot in pink.

Artfulife said...

Whatever! I wish I could look as "bad" as you do on a good day. How do you think I feel looking in the mirror every morning. Sigh. It's a very sad sight. Your pity party is lost on this here fatty, lol! Hugs to you sweet friend :)