Friday, February 25, 2011

Lily's bedtime prayer (almost verbatim)

"Dear Heavenly Father,

We're thankful for all the wonderful blessings and please help me go to heaven and get old really fast and bless that i can not be naughty and climb on all the shelves and sneak into the candy and break mom's stuff and if i catch a ladybug that i will let it go when it wants to go even if its wings are broken just like Rissa did one time with that one bird at Gramma and Pops house and please bless my dad to be atected (protected) when he drives home from work and i love my family....................."

Lily's bedtime prayers are pure gold lately. The girl decides to unload all of her childhood angst/ worry/ happiness/agendas/ requests/musings when asked to give the blessing on the food or say her prayers before bed. I think it's great. Hand it to the Big Dawg child, hand it over. However, it's been known to go on .... and on....and on.....for an upwards of 5 minutes. Dinner is served, we're all starving, and yet we try to patiently close our eyes and listen to the sometimes astounding amount of thought coming from her sweet little mind.
Tyler and I usually peek at each other, squinting out signals,

"Should we stop her? It's got to be coming to a close soon...."

"Wait for it....."

"Wait for it......."

The only thing even more comical than this is London, squirming with frustration in her seat. Eyes shut with every ounce of self mastery her little body can muster, until finally her lack of impulse control gets the better of her and her turrets-like syndrome kicks in.
She starts interjecting:


"Shhhh, London, she's almost done."


"London, stop."


"Okay Lily, why don't we finish praying about the turtles tomorrow?..."

...................and bless all the poor people and help us all to sleep good and that bad no monsters will come into my dreams like that one on the scary movie that I sneaked and watched on the Roku when Mom was sleeping on the couch and i will do my chores and get quarters so i can play the car game at Red the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

{And can I get a hallelujah!?!!!!!}


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...


Especially to the part about doing chores for quarters. We just did that today so we could go to Red Robin.


Emily said...

I love hearing about what Miss Lily prays for. Even through the stress and mononoty of certain aspects of childrearing we sure wish that we could bottle up these precious times. You are are awesome to document her words as we so quickly forget these exact eperiences. You and Tyler are wonderful and amazing parents.

Joan said...

What an honest, sincere darling she is. Fearlessly sharing her heart with her Heavenly Father...she's destined to be and do great things, that girl!