Friday, March 11, 2011

No Picture. Why bother reading...?

Really quick before I head off to bed,

This week has been a bit of a blur. This past month has been a blur...things will hopefully be slowing down soon, or at least I'll manage to reattach this head of mine to my shoulders. My children have been fed more fast food than I care to mention. And I'm really, rrrrreally hoping that I'll get the camera I'm pining over for my birthday next month....

But camera or no camera, my kids are still record worthy.

Tonight Tyler arrived home from an out of town business trip (bleh). He sneaked in to kiss our sleeping girls. Lily didn't budge, deep in slumber. London groggily responded,

"AAAA Dad! Stop kishin' me!"

Tyler asked if he could at least hug her.

"Yeah, you can gib me a hug."

He hugged her and proceeded out of the room, to which she called out:

"Dad, I juss cut my hawr (hair) las night and pee'd my panties."

(All true.)

He acknowledged her plight, reassured her it would all be okay, and pleaded one more time for a kiss.

"Okay, kish me hewe (here)."....pointing to her cheek.

That girl.

I love that she calls her baby dolls her "feeharts" (sweethearts), and as of late believes the naughtiest thing she can say is "schtinky booty butt" (she calls Lily it daily, followed by an incessant giggle). Oh yeah, and when she's angry with me she always threatens that she's "not my Mom anymore!"

"I know you're not my Mom. I'm YOUR Mom."

"No!!!!! I nacho your Mom anymow!"

"I know you're not my Mom. I'm YOUR Mom."

"No! I nacho Mom anymow!"

Ad infinitum.

I hope she'll always be this funny.


Stay tuned: good stuff ahead.....

Sarah's Bridal Shower
coming up next.

Guess who's in charge of decor?!!

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Sarah Hansen said...

Has the stinky booty butt forgiven me yet for not having a slumber party?