Friday, April 29, 2011

The Sib Series Presents: Sibling #1

A.K.A. Dan, Danny, Danny boy, Stanley, Dan the Man, Zorba

Married to:


Dan + Ali 


Finnan Leif


brand new, itty bitty boy...

Forrest Everwell

Am I an obsessed Auntie?


Good Heavens




Why ever

would you



a thing....?

Me in love?
With stinky little boys?


 Occupations: Daniel just finished his first year of med school. Holla.
Ali is {the world's greatest most amazing heaven sent } labor and delivery nurse.

Daniel and Ali are both adventurous, endearingly thoughtful, funny, and smart.
I love nothing more than sharing good conversation with either of them, preferably over a table of yummy food or in the great expanse of our backyards as our kiddies play together.

In this corner of the woods, we take the "two shall become one" very seriously.
You simply can't know Daniel without knowing Ali and vice versa.
And so both have graciously answered my pestering questions:

Describe each other in just three words. 

Daniel said about Ali: "Triple S: sexy, sweet, and strong. "

Ali said about Daniel: "Pensive, get-er-done, and considerate"

    What is your happiest childhood memory, and what makes it so special to you?

Daniel: "Hard to pick one… generally I have a pleasant blur of childhood games and fun. Pretty innocent and “classic”. I guess this is a lame way of saying I can never think of a childhood memory by myself. If someone brings something up, it will trigger the memory, otherwise I am left giving lame answers like this.

OK, more specifically, my earliest childhood memory is actually not a happy one but a frustrating one. I was in the backyard of our old house in Sparks and I vividly remember trying to get inside of my little dune buggy (about the size of a Tonka truck). In my 3 or 4 year old imagination, I could see myself inside the buggy driving around like a hero, but instead, I grew increasingly frustrated as I tried to wedge my foot inside the window to no avail.

As for happy memories, I honestly cannot think of only one—my childhood was great and is one giant, roughly 15 year long happy memory (15-18 years old wasn’t necessarily peaches all the time). "

        Ali: "Trips in “ol bessy” our motorhome. The freedom of being on the road,             seeing/experiences new people/places, good food (the only time my mom bought good (i.e. sugared) cereal, donuts, candy, cozy quarters, and fighting with my brother."

       What do you love that you may not openly express?

Daniel: "Soil. Coming from Sparks, NV I can’t say I get the opportunity to appreciate good soil as often as I’d like, but the feel and smell of soft, supple, fertile soil is pretty amazing. I also love, and actually do openly admit, music (generally lame music in other people’s estimation), gardening, childhood (watching kids be kids), learning (honestly, I buy the string cheese brand with trivia on the packages purely for the trivia), language and words, Norse mythology, botany, the history of the Roman Empire, and life generally. "

           Ali said: "Spirituality in all of its forms."

 Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?

Daniel: "Mmm… I like to think I’d pick a joyful simpleton, but I think the reality is I’d pick the worried genius."

Ali: "Joyful simpleton but the real answer is joyful genius…most emotional states are completely in our control."

  What are you most grateful for?

Daniel: "The people in my life. Ali, Finnan and Forrest above all, then family and the great friends. Life is pretty awesome actually…easy question. "

Ali:  "The “life” experience and of that life experience: my family…immediate, extended, in-laws."

 What do you think is the secret to a happy marriage?

Daniel: "Picking the right person. It’s not rocket science (sadly). That being said, the next key component is to ensure you have the same outlook on marriage, your commitment to it, and what to expect. There is no recipe to make marriage constantly smooth (nor do I think that is ideal even), but you can ensure the approach to difficulties is consistent and the long-term commitment and vision is a constant feature of your marriage. Finally, we were given a bit of advice when we got married that the key to success is to “Put Family First” and I agree. "

Ali:  "Discussing the secrets to a happy marriage. I think the man and the woman each think they have their own secret. If you are discussing what each party thinks they are, you are discovering the secrets and then, all of a sudden they aren’t secrets anymore! Hopefully the “secrets” are the reality of your marriage."

What are your wishes for Finnan and Forrest?

Daniel: "That they are 1) happy, 2) successful, 3) good and 4) experience life. I want them to feel as fortunate as I do as I look at my life. I want them to succeed in life generally and be passionate about whatever they do. I want them to be good, trustworthy, hard-working, honest and happy men. I want them to experience what life has to offer (yes, even some of the bad) so that they appreciate and savor all the good there is. I want them to live healthy, happy, productive lives. And above all, I want them to think their dad is incredible. "

Ali:  "Love, health, knowledge and adventure."

*When you were first dating, which would be the instant deal breaker?: i.e., the lesser of two evils:

For Ali:    Daniel running up a huge dinner tab and then asking you to pay.......or accidentally pooping his pants during the meal (but he will pick up the tab)?

Ali: "I think he’d get pity points for the latter…I’d have felt sorry for the poor kid! So I’ll go with the tab…completely ungentleman like and the antithesis of a “man”.

For Daniel:  Ali flirting openly with the attractive waiter....or mentioning that she likes the salty taste of a booger?

Daniel: "Is there any question here? Who cares if she flirts with the waiter (especially if we are just starting to date--I'd flatter myself and rationalize that she is trying to play hard to get or trying to make me feel threatened hoping the competitive drive would push me towards her) compared to eating her boogers and ENJOYING IT! (As if eating them isn't bad enough). "

 What makes you sad?

Daniel: "Lots of things make me sad. One aspect of myself I haven’t figured out is the fact that I emotionally invest myself quickly and deeply into about anything and as a result, put myself through emotional roller coasters that others avoid. (Whether this is a blessing or a curse is yet to be decided).

Less philosophically, seeing innocent people, particularly children, suffer is the hardest thing for me to see or think about. I also get down thinking about how life passes so quickly and how the moment we are in is past quickly and we’ll never be able to re-live it." 

Ali:  Other people’s sadness.

What would you say is your spouse's best quality? (You can only pick one!)

Daniel: "Ali’s best quality… mmm… not a fair question really and narrowing someone down to a single quality is grossly unfair, but for the sake of the question, I’d say Ali’s best quality is her genuine goodness/sweetness and ability to convey that innate love and care she has with those around her. (It is very hard to stop here…)"

 {Editor's insert: I think this picture is such a perfect representation of Ali-dear}

Ali:  "Danny is the best definition of a man."

 {Editor's insert: Daniel & the outdoors & his boys = inseparable. Very cute.}

If the whole world were listening to you speak and you had only two minutes, what would the topic be?

Daniel: "I can honestly say I’ve never even thought about this one. Off the cuff, I’d say that I would talk about enjoying life and being nice. Pretty simple really, but I think that if people were nice to one another and tried to appreciate life (and others) more, the world would be a better place."

Ali: "Thank you. The importance of the word, its under use, and a shout out of “thank yous” to all the amazing people in my life."

Where/when are you happiest?
Daniel: "This might be the easiest question of the bunch. Right now. I have never been happier than I am as of this moment. I have a wonderful life, a gorgeous, fun, spunky, sexy wife, two adorable boys, a family who loves me, incredible friends, and a bright future."

         Ali:  "Happiest time. Now, by far! I have the love of my life playing "life" with me and two wonderful children that are a product of me and the person I love most. It is an amazing, fulfilling, joyous time! I love my life!"

Which is cuter: A) puppy or a kitten?
                                                 B) Finnan or Forrest? 

Finnan = Forrest > Puppy > Kitten (Side note: a friend at school told me a story that she was talking to a co-worker who showed her a picture of his new baby son. She kindly said, "oh, he's the cutest baby ever." To which the zealously Christian man got offended and corrected her, "No, baby Jesus was the cutest baby ever." He was totally serious too.).

What is your life's motto?

Daniel: "I might be due for an update, but probably “Simplify”. “Eat, drink and be merry”       is up there though. "

Ali: "I learned this in my favorite class in nursing school...What, in this moment in time, is affecting me? When I feel overwhelmed, stressed, etc., this is what I ask myself (Danny often needs me to ask him this question as well). The answer is usually nothing. You may have a whole laundry list of things hanging over your head but this tiny question helps you stop and realize, no, nothing is affecting me in this moment of time, life is good. It helps me regroup and tackle one thing at a time or nothing at all for the moment. Try it!"


Awwww, I just love this little family.
Thanks for participating.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Husband.

(*Still waiting on sibling #1's interview the mean time....)


Remember that time, it's a little hazy in my memory.... but I believe.... I threw things.... and....cough... was yelling....and ahem crying..... and cursing the stars,
lamenting the existence of


explaining that you - member of the {ignoramus} male sex - could never, ever, possibly

ever ever understand

how impossibly,



un-noticeably difficult it can be?

Well, I don't {entirely} take that back. 

But feel the need to tell you something else.....

Something that I too often forget to mention...

Thank you.

Would you just look at this?

Have you ever seen anything like it in your entire life?
(Shhhhhh, between you and me: I pity the universe. Behold this babe....all ours ours ours!)

And our Lundy girl,

Who was shouting throughout the park, "Dis is soooo wondaful!!!" as she zips by on her bike that is two sizes too large....

Lily Lu attracted a bird friend.

He didn't stay long....

Bye Bye Birdie.

We sniffed the fresh blossoms, 
and she begged to take some home

(I have no. idea. where these came from)

And best of all, I was there.


you weren't.

{talk about unfair}

So this one's for you.

I love you.



Ps. (Shhhh, one last thing between you and me:  I upgraded my blog and used my NEW(!) camera all. by. myself. without calling you and asking for help. Not once! I'm sure you're very turned on right now. See you tonight, wink wink.)

Sunday, April 24, 2011