Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Husband.

(*Still waiting on sibling #1's interview responses....in the mean time....)


Remember that time, it's a little hazy in my memory.... but I believe.... cough....ahem...as I threw things.... and....cough... was yelling....and ahem crying..... and cursing the stars,
lamenting the existence of


explaining that you - member of the {ignoramus} male sex - could never, ever, possibly

ever ever understand

how impossibly,



un-noticeably difficult it can be?

Well, I don't {entirely} take that back. 

But feel the need to tell you something else.....

Something that I too often forget to mention...

Thank you.

Would you just look at this?

Have you ever seen anything like it in your entire life?
(Shhhhhh, between you and me: I pity the universe. Behold this babe....all ours ours ours!)

And our Lundy girl,

Who was shouting throughout the park, "Dis is soooo wondaful!!!" as she zips by on her bike that is two sizes too large....

Lily Lu attracted a bird friend.

He didn't stay long....

Bye Bye Birdie.

We sniffed the fresh blossoms, 
and she begged to take some home

(I have no. idea. where these came from)

And best of all, I was there.


you weren't.

{talk about unfair}

So this one's for you.

I love you.



Ps. (Shhhh, one last thing between you and me:  I upgraded my blog and used my NEW(!) camera all. by. myself. without calling you and asking for help. Not once! I'm sure you're very turned on right now. See you tonight, wink wink.)


amy m. said...

When is your children's book being published again?

Erica and Jake said...

As I was reading this all i could think of (besides how cute the girls are) was how much fun you are having with your new camera.

Erica and Jake said...
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Ashley Matuzak said...

Oh what fun! I am super jealous!

Bethy said...

Hi lovey,
Just started tearing up (ALOT) watching your three little girls video. You have an amazing family. Just wanted to say hi. I read your blog all the time, its in my reader. Miss you!


Joan said...

It's true! We are SO blessed to have SUCH good husbands who spend their entire existence so that we can enjoy the good life and be Mothers who have the privilege of spending every waking moment with our perfect little ones :)
Wow, that is one hideous run on sentence and I'm too tired to change it. Night.