Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunny with a chance of sanity.

Forecast for today calls for the mid 60's.

I love a good spring day. Birds are chirping outside, the ground is sprouting forth the first peeks of green, and my children enter the great outdoors to play together. It is quite funny to hear their imaginations at play. From what I gather it is usually some sort of pirate scenario, with lots of screaming and shrieking and "save me!" coming from the back yard.

This is peppered with London's memorized line from Tangled....

"Who are you? And how did you find me here?"

She repeats this line over and over at periodic intervals throughout the day. That and her favorite paragraph from our latest grab from the library,

(Best illustrations. We love this book)

"Fee fee fi fi fo fo fum
I smell the blood of an Englishman
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread"....

.....and yet it sounds so charming coming from my three-year old dressed in her sparkle Barbie costume.

I adore these days with my girls. The reality that such days are numbered is setting in. I indulged in a good private cry a few weeks ago while pondering Lily entering kindergarten. We had to make the decision between two schools, one of which we really want our girls to attend. We received a phone-call informing us she had been given a slot (!). We were excited, except for one fact: all-day kindergarten. I initially accepted the spot because I was thrilled we got in, but as the days went on and I reflected on what that really meant:

Lily Lu, gone all day....

Five days a week....

For the rest of her life....

I hesitated. It seems that preschool has become the new kindergarten and kindergarten has become the new first grade. What's the rush folks? It might work well for many families, but not this one. We place a high value on leisurely afternoon trips to the park, play-time with siblings, cookie baking, and library visits. I have not so much as enjoyed a private shower since the birth of this child. We're attached. I only get 5 years. 5 measly years. I'm not about to give her up all day without feeling VERY convinced that it's to her advantage. And I'm simply not. I may be naive, but I'm betting it quite possible that she'll survive someday in the competitive global marketplace without the advantage of an extra recess, nap, and snack time at school.

So we politely declined the spot.
And begged that they keep her on the waiting list for next year.
For now, it's half-day kindergarten on the agenda.

We'll have the luxury of more spring-time afternoons playing pirates and princesses.


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

Exactly the reason why I couldn't do preschool for the my two boys. It just didn't seem right to send them away. Kindergarten comes to quickly. 1st grade comes too quickly. Ugh!!
Also the reason why I keep the kids home from school WAY to much for their teachers liking.


Ashley said...

Hey Rae! Where will Lily be going to school? Email me if you can:) ashleymatuzak@hotmail.com

Natalie in Sparks said...

It will be fine. As inconvenient as the kinder mid day pick up is, it is so nice for them and you to not have them gone all day. It's more of an adjustment to the whole school idea anyway.
Melanie was telling me that in Calilfornia, her daughter went to a K-3 only school that went from 9-1 everyday. Now that would be nice! Then all those younger grades are there for 4 hours. Perfect in my opinion, because I do think it's hard for them to go from 2 1/2 hours of kindergarten to 6 hours of 1st grade.

Anyway, I love lazy afternoons too, that's why I love the year round schedule, cause you get month long breaks throughout the year, just when you need them!

ps i can't believe Lily will be in school next year!

Joan said...

I STILL cry when I drop James off at school (all day Kinder). I don't like it one bit. I opted out of the half day b/c the one school that offers it in our district is a drive and not a 3 minute walk away. I still question the decision on a daily basis. But it is what it is.