Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are you surprised?

That I must ask for an extension on revealing what I've done with my new antique finds?

We have the wrong staple gun for my project. Only I didn't discover it until after we had been to Home Depot (husband was stereotypically giddy while shopping for a new sander, and in an unusually ironic shift in role-play it was I who was begging to leave) (note to self: buy husband more tools).
Later I was busy cutting fabric and cursing like a sailor when I realized it just wasn't going to be completed on time.

This all occurred during what I can confidently coin the lamest holiday weekend ever (aside from honoring our military, of course).The weather was horrible. We were bored. I was tired. My children were sucking on Ellie's pacifiers and watching How To Train your Dragon sixteen times out of sheer desperation and lack of creativity on husband and I's part. Seriously, we've been coming up with weather resistant family ventures since early November: we're all out of ideas. 

The weather is starting to seep into my bones and turn me bitter. 

And London barfed in Q-doba yesterday as we were grabbing dinner. Ev.ery.where. Super.

Poor Lundy girl.

Sorry Q-doba. Sorry folks. But mostly, sorry to poor little me.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Look what I found.

Would you like to know?....

What my latest finds are?

Would you like to see what i plan on doing with them?















Friday, May 27, 2011

The Sib Series Presents: Sibling #5

Meet Ian.

(A.K.A. Iano, Ina)

 Iano Iano Iano. My little bro Iano. The first child born into the family who I viewed as a 'non-peer'. No, this was not the usual competition in the jungle of our home to be crushed and dominated. This was my "little" brother. The age difference was big enough for me to understand how cute babies were, and he was my boy. I loved that little tyke. Still do. 
How would I describe this brother of mine? 
Years ago, my girlfriends and I had a code word for certain boys we'd come across. They were slightly mysterious, bordering on shy. And handsome. For whatever reason, they didn't thirst for the never ending quench of the social rat race. They kept more to themselves. 
Hey, have you noticed (so and so)? Total diamond in the rough. Totally. we'd remark.

Most of us Hansen children came shooting from the womb demanding the utmost attention, confusing the glare of an obstetrics lamp as the first spotlight for our stage. This is me! This is me! This is me! We all seem to scream it. Seriously. Gather us together in a room and you'll soon witness a cosmic battle of visible personality disorder meets king-of-the-hill. Okay okay, that may be a bit extreme. 

But...there is Ian. Quieter. More thoughtful. Organized. Meticulous. Very observant. Genuine. Funny. Quirky. And Good. So, so good.

The son who cleans the kitchen after everyone has gone to bed, worried about Mom feeling overloaded.
The student who works and scrimps to save every last dime to afford all of his own schooling and travel.
The brother who comes over at 12:16am after a call from his sister (me?!), because of the (nonexistent) sound coming from the (nonexistent) intruder outside of her house while her husband is out of town on business (oh yeah, and will you stop at the store and bring treats on your way?).
The uncle who Ellie Belle loves baby-chatting with.

He's quite the dude. 


Welcome Ian, and thank you for breaking the nauseating cycle of marital euphoria and agreeing to do this interview solo.
(just kidding folks, we loved those ones too)

With that said, you are going to have to describe YOURSELF in three words. I'm not letting you get out of this one.

It is incredibly awkward to boast or describe myself in three words and not come off as some conceited jerk, but I'll give it a whirl:  Funny, Dashing, Humble.

Funny: I like to think that I am a funny person who doesn't take life too serious. I enjoy making people laugh and seeing between the lines.
Dashing: Well now I wouldn't be very humble if I went into detail about this one. Let the pictures speak for themselves haha.
Humble: I can't think of who said it but the quote goes something like, "the moment you start speaking about how humble you are is the moment you can be most assured you certainly aren't." But I do think I am a person who tries to grasp how incredibly lucky, blessed, and fortunate I am. 
(Oh and I'm gonna cheat but I am also very RANDOM at times haha)

What is your happiest memory, and what makes it so special to you?

Like everyone else's response to this one my happiest memory is a collection of many, but mine is at a certain place-the last place on earth anyone would think you could be happy: Elko. Specifically the deer hunting trips with the cousins and uncles that we have every October. This trip consisted of the most red neck/hillbilly times. Shooting guns at junk toys; Uno tournaments in a run down cabin in the middle of no where; Jeep rides; Chasing cattle with motorcycles; Late night hide n go seek games; The journey to the hole in the ground that was our toilet in the middle of the desert; Dad's famous hot cocoa and trapper's toast; The trailer full of candy that dad let us buy on the way there. The list goes on. It is special to me because it was a time to be trashy and have fun with the guys and we had it every year so a lot of my childhood memories come from that place.

What do you love that you may not openly express?

I love mowing our lawn. I don't know why but I think it's because I get to soak up the sun and enjoy the small piece of earth that I live on. Also the smell of the fresh cut grass. {Insert editor's note: Daniel's brother.}

What food would you choose in a extreme eating contest?

What a strange question, but ummmm probably since it is extreme I'd pick jalapenos just to see the faces and see how much I could take....

What are you most grateful for? What are you LEAST grateful for?

I am most grateful for people who are grateful and least grateful for people who aren't grateful.

What do you fear? What makes you sad?

Simple: SNAKES! I think they are the most evil thing to inhabit this earth. Think about it, from the beginning it was a serpent that was the bad guy. Still is in my book. But on a more depressing and serious note; I fear losing those that I love. Nuff said. Besides the obvious the other thing that makes me sad is a missed opportunity. You can make a fool of yourself doing something you were hesitant to try but it is better to try than not at all and then throughout life play the "what if" game.

What characteristic do you most seek in the opposite sex? What quality does the 'girl of your dreams' possess that would really hook you?

 Haha, coming from the single guy all of my answers will sound very superficial and typical of a guy my age. I actually love a girl who has a good sense of humor. I think it is such a good connection that is hard to find. My girl obviously has to have nice hair, a good smile, and beautiful eyes but the main quality I look for is if she and I make each other happy without trying, so I guess it is kinda a two part thing.

What is your definition of success? Who is your role model and why?

My definition of success is if at the end of the night you can lie in bed and say that you did everything you did to make your day and someone else's day a little better. I believe in taking those small steps otherwise you'll never reach success. I don't really have a specific role model but it would be that person that makes others better while improving themselves. My best example and closest thing to a role model is C.S. Lewis. He was such a brilliant person who constantly sought to understand and make himself and the world better. I strive for that.

What dysfunction in our family do you find mildly endearing? Or to put it in other words,  "It just wouldn't be the Hansens if there wasn't any (fill in the blank) ?

Let's break it down,
It just wouldn't be the Hansens if:
Daniel wasn't OCD about our cleanliness
Rachel wasn't stealing food from our fridge to take to her house
Jacob wasn't proposing some business idea that could change our lives
Sarah wasn't primping herself in the mirror every 2 minutes
I wasn't singing a song out loud
Forrest wasn't presenting his next big move for life (i.e. traveling the world for 5 years)
Mallory wasn't texting or talking about boys with Kate M.
Larissa actually had a bed time

For the in- laws (you're awesome so I won't bring you into this one)

If the whole world were listening to you and you only had two minutes to speak, what would you say?

Well if any of you out there have heard the George Patton speech from the movie I'd probably say that. But seriously I would just talk about living your life to the fullest while maintaining dignity and integrity of self and being kind to everyone you meet. It's so easy to be a jerk or hate or be negative but its hard to find the good in things.

What does your happy place look like?

 I have never really thought about my happy place, but in the long run it is me coming home from work seeing my kids smashing their face up against the window waiting for me to get home and my (future) wife making a nice home cooked meal and all of us having that very quintessential dinner as a family. But as a college student right now my happy place is being on a beach at night with a bonfire and good friends roasting marshmallows and just talking and laughing.

What is your life motto?

Don't really have one but a few:
   "No regrets"
   "Live Laugh Love" 
   and "Life is to be lived, not just endured"

A genie arrives and grants you three wishes, what are they?

The first would be to end all diseases. The second would be to have Walt Disney come back to life so that he could spread more Disney magic around and teach me how to animate and draw. The last would be to have a personal chef that followed me everywhere and cooked whatever I asked for (desserts especially).



Well Ian, all I have to say is...who needs Walt Disney when we could instead read an interview such as this?

Thanks for sharing.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

In the Green Room.

I was explaining the chaos of our crazy morning to Tyler over the phone. "I hate rushing and running late! That is what sends me over the edge. We were totally late. But really, I guess it was my fault. I was messing around with my camera instead of getting with it....I literally wasted the morning away."

Later I pulled these from my memory card....


Not such

a waste

after all....

Don't ya think?

Here's to more wasted mornings.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fancy myself Floral.

I have a "Do it Yourself" disease. Also known as ADHD. Also known as Jack of all Trades, Master of None. Also known as Rachel will never really know what she will be when she grows up. (Assuming she will actually grow up...)

I jazzed up a few Coscto bouquets for Mother's Day ... I've never liked the vases they come in from professional floral shops, or the occasional generic and entirely too tidy arrangement. Plus they cost a pretty penny. I picked out a few candle lanterns (reusable!) for my vases, and got to work...

As I snipped the stems, I imagined my little floral shop someday. Somewhere outside of Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo. 

I'm wearing white keds. Stopping in to oversee and chat with the young college girls I've hired to manage the shop daily. They are sweet girls, and need a little break from their stinky college immature boyfriends. I tell them don't worry, the good ones grow up quite nicely. They just need to make sure they pick the good ones (like I did).

Later Tyler and I walk hand in hand to the Farmers Market to pick up fresh pickin's for dinner. His hair is salt and peppered with handsome age...and thank goodness...he hasn't lost any.
The grandkids will be in this evening, staying with us at our little beach bungalow for the weekend....

Despite my shop full of blooms, I spy a good bundle at the market, and bring it home to my favorite (white) vase on our sturdy wood table. It's next to the desk where I do my writing. 

It is a lovely dream. At least for today.


In the meantime, on a poor man's budget, I am in love with my organic foliage. My Dad snipped this one out of the desert.....

The ever Nevada Botanist, he told me it is called Desert Peach.  "Desert Peach?!! I exclaimed, "You mean desert PEACHY!!! I love this!"

Check your mountains.  Assuming you don't live in the vicinity of Santa Barbara or San Luis, you just might have some too.

Monday, May 23, 2011



These children of mine.

1. Lily Lu.

Is currently grounded from playing with her lizard. There are days I feel like I've run an emotional marathon with this child. I will have to remain on my toes for the rest. of. my. life. with her.
 So sassy, and yet I love her dearly for it. The things that come out of her mouth, I could just die laughing. As we listened to a song on the radio today, she informed me: "I'm a big fan of this group."
Or yesterday, when she realized we were going to church and stated: "I don't believe in Jesus on Sundays."
(How do you even respond to a statement such as that? Is a reprimand even technically appropriate? I don't know. The only reproach I managed to blubber was, "Well He believes in YOU! Now put your dress on!")

2. Lundy girl

I'm certain she inhabits reality only 5% of the time. The other 95% is spent floating around the house in a world of make-believe, barbie in hand. Or pony in hand. Or she is a pony herself. Or Rapanzel. Singing, dancing, merry on her way. I will cry, cry, CRY, when this ends. She went to play for a bit at a friends house today, and I was later informed by her friend's Mom that she had waltzed into the girl's room, threw her hands out and exclaimed at the decor, "Oh! My! Goooosh! This is so cute!"
Lol. That is sooooo London. In fact, she was asking on the drive over before we even got there,
"Mom, is Taween's (Taryn's) bed pink, or puwple, or yellow, or owange, or blue?"

3. Ellie Belle

We sent this pic to the friend who made this quilt for her. I adore sentimental, practical gifts such as these. To think that my baby is wrapped up in a bundle of fabric that was painstakingly sewn out of love is just so....so warm! And I especially love that it will forever connect her to others, isn't it just darling? A keepsake indeed. And yet I was instructed by such friend that she insists on her blankets being used. She wants them tattered and loved. We're well on our way.

Ellie J, you are the sunshine of our days. Does that sound cliche? Too bad.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sib Series: Sib #4

Finally!!!! I apologize for the delay. My goodness. 

Sib Series should be good to resume on Fridays beginning this next week. Without further adieu, i give you:

Sib #4 : Sarah Anne

(A.k.a. Sarah Jane, Oba Oba, Tootie, Christopher Robin)

And with sib #4, lest you think this series is simply  becoming a marital counseling panel, we come to the last but not least of the 'other half"(s). Someone who is not yet her Mr., but as of June will become an official member of the family! In order to proceed with the usual initiation process, we gladly welcome him as an honorary sibling  (the signature wonder wedgie and ice pond dunkathon will follow in the colder months and only after formal proceedings have taken place)....


Occupations: Sarah graduates in just two weeks from the University of Southern Nevada as a nurse. 
Christopher will also be graduating in two weeks from Notre Dame University with a degree in Biomolecular Chemical Engineering, where he also played for the Fightin' Irish football team.

Both. graduating. with a 4.0 

What the !!!!!!?????

(and both too humble to admit it, I had to ask for such detail.)

They will begin their newlywed existence in the exciting atmosphere of San Francisco! Christopher will be attending the University of Pacific's dental program on a full-ride United States Air Force scholarship, where he intends on becoming an oral-surgeon and Sarah will continue her work in nursing (and hopefully have lots of future cute little babies).

Oh my little Sarah snookums, how can I describe her?! Funny, vivacious, and quite charming. The child who has a personal detailed (and expensive) wishlist (in spreadsheet form) sent out six weeks prior to Christmas and her birthday. The one who we all laughed at when she announced she intended on becoming a nurse (Sarah? Really? Is this simply for you to have an excuse to wear Juicy couture Scrubs..?). And yet for all that sass, her heart is just as big. She can wipe an old man's bottom like you wouldn't believe (literally). She has a unique ability to envelope children, the elderly, and the less fortunate with grace and unwavering kindness and genuine concern. I really like that about her. 
And Christopher, my little snookums Christopher? As if his resume wasn't enough, he is positively friendly, likeable, and warm. It should be illegal. Really.


1. Describe each other in three words.

Sarah said Chris is: Loving, Funny, Smart
Christopher is such a giver. He gives so much affection and attention to me. He writes the MOST thoughtful cards and puts so much thought into them. Anyone who is around Christopher feels accepted and loved.

He makes me laugh every single day. He does not take himself too seriously. In fact just the other day I had a rough night so on Skype he got onto YouTube and cranked up my favorite song and did an interpretive dance and had me rolling with laughter... I am so lucky. 

Recently one of his teammates said, "You wouldn't really know just talking with Chris but he is very intelligent." Of course since Christopher is Mr. Humble he said he found that to be a wonderful compliment. He does not try to prove to everyone around that he is incredibly, sickeningly, naturally, Bill Gates. He does not sit around discussing philosophy, religion and politics to try and impress because let's get real...he would so rather talk about the latest episode of Gilmore Girls or Army Wives :)

Chris says Sarah is: Cute, My Best Friend, FUN!

Cute: Every part of Sarah is simply extremely cute. I don't really know how she does it, but she manages to be the cutest at everything she does--without even trying. Biased opinion on my part? I think not. General fact? Of course. 

My Best Friend: I'm not sure if this really needs an explanation. We've been best friends for a long time now (ever since sophomore year when James Marson asked Sarah "if we are dating, or are we JUST best friends or something?"....Sarah's response = "oh, we're best friends"....a dagger to the hopes of any longing fellow). Everything is better with Sar. I couldn't be more 
proud of someone. She is the strongest, bravest, most independent, driven girl I know. 

Highschool sweethearts run in the family apparently.
(Note to editor self: lock up daughters until they are 23.)

FUN!: She is so fun, and definitely brings out the fun in me. Alone, I can definitely be more hesitant or perhaps just too lazy to do anything. With her, anything and everything is possible...and sometimes mandatory.

2. What is your happiest memory, and what makes it so special?

Sarah: I am going to cheat. I have way too many.I think of picking apples in the orchard and making apple juice with Papa Dan and his visits out to our farm to horseback ride with cookies and fried chicken from Albertsons. I loved playing outside, swimming in our “pool” (aka swamp - which my diva fiancĂ© would not have stepped foot in) and laying on the hot cement to warm up, 'olden days' with Paige and Meagan, sitting on dad’s lap and driving home from church, riding on the side of the suburban down the dirt road, and just plain old Fall afternoons when all of us were home and mom would be cooking dinner, dad would be working under the car, and we would be having handstand contests on the front lawn ( I always Vicosnawcked you Rae). Can you tell I am getting married and a little nostalgic?

Chris: Like some of the others, I am not sure I can say that my happiEST memory is comprised of one single memory, but rather a collection of memories and even future moments. One collection of memories that come to mind when I reflect back on my childhood are our family trips in the motorhome. Whether we were going camping, up to Washington, over to Carmel, or just to my Grandma's house in Sacramento (and admittedly sometimes just around town), my Dad would insist on taking the motorhome. As kids (and teenagers), once we got over the 'embarrassment factor', which I now look back on and think is ridiculous (even though Sarah is still way embarrassed to be caught near it), we loved every trip in it. My Dad would always drive the whole way, and would love to spoil us on the way there. We would stock up on tons of food, junkfood, our favorite drinks, and a plethora of movies to keep us entertained: hours upon hours were spent lying on the bed watching movie after movie, sleeping, eating, watching, and repeating until we reached our destination. Let me tell you, it sure made traveling in a car seem absolutely miserable! No matter how long the drive, my Dad would drive the whole way so that we all could enjoy ourselves in the back with no worries. There was always such a safe sense of security in the motorhome: you knew that nothing could get to you while you were in there driving, we felt completely safe. 
For my moment to come...I have always imagined what it would be like to have my bride-to-be standing at the top of the aisle, and me see her for the first time. I know that at that moment, I will be the happiest man, so naturally it will be my happiest moment and memory.

3. What do you love that you may not openly express?

Sarah: Lamar Odom ( actually Daniel and I are on the same page : SOIL. What the heck was that?!)

Chris: Hmmm...this could get embarrassing very quickly. Let's see...Army Wives, pretty much all movies, happy endings. I'm a sucker for good family shows and happy endings...a little embarrassing, but probably makes me some of who I am
4. What are you most grateful for? What are you LEAST grateful for?

Sarah: Most grateful for sunshine. Least grateful for bad breath.

Chris: I am grateful for how lucky and blessed I have been. I got lucky to be born into a great family with resources, attend great schools, meet amazing people, find the love of my life who loves me almost as much as I love her, to be starting our amazing life together soon, and for the gifts I have been given. It's crazy to think that a lot of where we are in life is due to "luck" (or some version of 'divine luck'): into which family we are born, where we live, how we live, who we meet, who like us back, etc., all leading to who we are now.
I am least grateful for wasted time. So much time goes by that we can never get back. 
Also, when people don't let you bring a brand new ICEE into the movie theatre, or tell you they're closed when they clearly closing early, or when your favorite item is taken off the menu or the price is jacked up, and for all of the judging that goes on all around us all the time by everyone.

5. What do you fear? What makes you sad?

Sarah: Loneliness .When someone in my family is sad or hurting.

Chris: I fear losing the ones I love the most. It ties into the same thing that makes me sad. Thinking about losing those I love quickly makes me appreciate them so much more, but makes me sad to think about the finite amount of time I have with them. When I think about this, it is easy to forgive and forget and to show more affection even if I was previously upset. It makes me sad knowing that one day, after growing old together, one of us will be left alone here. Sarah really hopes its not her, although I think I would be sad either way, if I was left, or had to leave. More importantly though, I HATE SPIDERS. Luckily I have a tough girl who was weened on combing bobcat furs to kill all those spiders for me.... I am so lucky.

6. What characteristic most attracted you to the each other?

Sarah: I remember it was at Birch camp. I saw the way he interacted with his sister Kelsey and was so impressed by what a loving brother he was.
He is so loving and does not hide it. His entire football team knows who I am and knows how much he loves me. He will say I love you even when he is really mad at me. He still kisses his parents and siblings and will lay a big one on me even if someone is talking to him mid-sentence. I also cannot deny his gorgeous looks are a bonus ;)

Chris: Let's see...initially...I guess i was pretty superficial because it was almost entirely looks (I proclaimed that she was the hottest person I had ever seen in my life). In fact, I was initially attracted to her after only a quick 'hello' between Sarah and my mom. Once I saw her, I was hooked. The best part though was when I actually got to know her and found out that there was more behind those great looks (although, I am not sure she needed it..ha). Now, even better, I have seen that she looks amazing no matter what, and is always the most beautiful person in the world. Whether that is me looking at her face or her personality, I cannot tell. Her affection and compassion are very easy to love. 

7. What is your definition of success? Who is your biggest role model and why?
(Besides Rachel - OF COURSE).

Sarah: Reaching Maslow’s Hierarchy level of Self-Actualization. Just joking. My definition of success would be living a life of balance and maintaining a sense of peace and happiness even through hard times. I have never had someone who I have deemed my specific 'role model' but I love and respect any woman that maintains being feminine and domestic while also having a tough/hardcoreness to her.

Chris: Success = affecting those you meet and those around you in a positive way. A way that by meeting them, you are leaving them better than they would be had they not met you. I think success is about the people - don't get me wrong, a little money along the way wouldn't hurt any and would definitely make things a little easier most of the time. 
I think I look up to characteristics and ideals more than particular whole persons as role models. I try to emulate certain traits that I think are important. For example, Sarah's high levels of generosity and spontaneity, two traits that don't come quite as naturally to me.

8. If the whole world were listening to you and you only had two minutes to speak, what would you say?

Sarah: First off I would call Colin Firth and get a little pep talk (insert editor's note: rae is lol'ing) and then I would definitely make sure to say my I love you’s and express my love to Christopher and my family. I would probably encourage people to really learn to forgive and treat one another with respect and compassion.

Chris: I think Sarah might start it off with "...and I'm proud to be an American..." (reliving her debate days), but I would probably go a little different route. I think I might start with a lame joke or something (at which very few would laugh), then, feeling awkward about the bad joke, I will realize that everyone just needs to lighten up a little more, slow down, and start enjoying life and those around us a little more. By the time I manage to formulate that into words, my two minutes would be up...and I'll be left alone wishing I had just started off with a song...

9. What does your "happy place" look like?

Sarah: After being across the country from Christopher for four years I have done a lot of guided imagery to get me through to our happy spot. It’s a little apartment in San Francisco, wonderful smells coming from the lovely dinner I am cooking and my Salt City candle for the season, Michael Buble playing on the iHome and Christopher walking in the front door from school and me kissing him on the cheek and asking him about his day.

Chris: Short term: In our great apartment in the city, I can smell the fabulous dinner that has been cooking all day, Sarah is just finishing making the salad while I am right there studying as she does so. We are finally just enjoying ourselves and just enjoying being together!! A little more in the future: In our cabin up in Tahoe, I'm on the grill, Sarah's making the fixins, the kids are playing beach volleyball, and we are all tired from a long day at the beach, getting ready to eat, make a fire, and watch a couple of movies before bedtime....ahh, that would be the life....dreaming? Hopefully not! I swear I am not some sort of chauvinist who thinks women should be cooking all the time, those were just coincidences...hmm, and maybe I am just really hungry right now, which definitely could affect my perception of my "Happy place".

10. What is your life motto?

Sarah: Keep Calm and Carry on. (nursing school especially fosters so much anxiety you just have to be confident and carry on your merry ol’ way)

Chris: Be nice. Be happy. Work first. Play later

11. A genie appears and grants you three wishes, what are they? (and no...you cannot wish for three more 


1. A Yacht with a personal chef and captain

2. Safety for all from anything that would cause emotional or physical damage

3. To be Kate Middleton for a couple of weeks ( with the option to extend)


1. Time: Let me control time, let me have more time. Time is our biggest enemy in life.

2. Sleep: Let me control sleep and control my sleepiness. If I want to sleep, I can sleep all night and day. If I don't want to, I can stay awake forever. Think about how efficient this would be.

3.  That Sarah and I could always know what it's like to first fall in love with each other all over again...I told you, a sucker for happy endings. 
 (Although I might also free the genie or something..I always thought that was nice in movies..ha)


Well I'll tell you what, kids. If a genie granted me three wishes they just might be:

1. That Chris perform future cosmetic dental work on me pro bono.

2. That Sarah the nurse change my bed-pan post surgery.

3. More future interviews....you two are a hoot n' a half.

Thanks for participating.