Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are you surprised?

That I must ask for an extension on revealing what I've done with my new antique finds?

We have the wrong staple gun for my project. Only I didn't discover it until after we had been to Home Depot (husband was stereotypically giddy while shopping for a new sander, and in an unusually ironic shift in role-play it was I who was begging to leave) (note to self: buy husband more tools).
Later I was busy cutting fabric and cursing like a sailor when I realized it just wasn't going to be completed on time.

This all occurred during what I can confidently coin the lamest holiday weekend ever (aside from honoring our military, of course).The weather was horrible. We were bored. I was tired. My children were sucking on Ellie's pacifiers and watching How To Train your Dragon sixteen times out of sheer desperation and lack of creativity on husband and I's part. Seriously, we've been coming up with weather resistant family ventures since early November: we're all out of ideas. 

The weather is starting to seep into my bones and turn me bitter. 

And London barfed in Q-doba yesterday as we were grabbing dinner. Ev.ery.where. Super.

Poor Lundy girl.

Sorry Q-doba. Sorry folks. But mostly, sorry to poor little me.


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