Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fancy myself Floral.

I have a "Do it Yourself" disease. Also known as ADHD. Also known as Jack of all Trades, Master of None. Also known as Rachel will never really know what she will be when she grows up. (Assuming she will actually grow up...)

I jazzed up a few Coscto bouquets for Mother's Day ... I've never liked the vases they come in from professional floral shops, or the occasional generic and entirely too tidy arrangement. Plus they cost a pretty penny. I picked out a few candle lanterns (reusable!) for my vases, and got to work...

As I snipped the stems, I imagined my little floral shop someday. Somewhere outside of Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo. 

I'm wearing white keds. Stopping in to oversee and chat with the young college girls I've hired to manage the shop daily. They are sweet girls, and need a little break from their stinky college immature boyfriends. I tell them don't worry, the good ones grow up quite nicely. They just need to make sure they pick the good ones (like I did).

Later Tyler and I walk hand in hand to the Farmers Market to pick up fresh pickin's for dinner. His hair is salt and peppered with handsome age...and thank goodness...he hasn't lost any.
The grandkids will be in this evening, staying with us at our little beach bungalow for the weekend....

Despite my shop full of blooms, I spy a good bundle at the market, and bring it home to my favorite (white) vase on our sturdy wood table. It's next to the desk where I do my writing. 

It is a lovely dream. At least for today.


In the meantime, on a poor man's budget, I am in love with my organic foliage. My Dad snipped this one out of the desert.....

The ever Nevada Botanist, he told me it is called Desert Peach.  "Desert Peach?!! I exclaimed, "You mean desert PEACHY!!! I love this!"

Check your mountains.  Assuming you don't live in the vicinity of Santa Barbara or San Luis, you just might have some too.

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Casady said...

You are talented in so many ways. Looking forward to a lifetime of learning from you!!! I think if I went out to pick something from the desert I would probably accidentally pick poison ivy so I will leave that for your dad...wait do they even have poison ivy in the desert??? Maybe I have more to learn from the Hansen's than I even know!