Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Jane Eyre dude. JANE EYRE."

Such was the title of an email I received from my good friend Amo (Amy). 

Amy is my book friend, my writing friend. I love that she has stacks of notebooks filled with her musings, how she narrows in on special passages of good language anywhere (books, movies, best selling author's lectures, conversations at Starbucks), and records and creates.

I couldn't help but laugh at this line sitting in my inbox - and I concur - : Jane Eyre dude. JANE EYRE.

She guessed I could be a person to discuss this book with....I dunno, maybe my weird obsession with England, braided buns, and requests to Tyler that if we have a son we name him Edward Henry Rochester Sinjin John Fairfax Mason, tipped her off. She was right to assume it just might be a favorite of mine. I read it when I was 14 and was completely in love and have listed it as my favorite book to just about everyone I've ever met (except, ironically, Amo). 

Amo detailed her impressions of the book, and had me rolling with her descriptions - which she detailed from Stage 1 - Stage 10:

"Stage Six: I am in another world. I am in Jane's world, and anything which takes me out of it is annoying and unacceptable (i.e. a blaring TV or someone trying to get me to come out of my room). I'm waking up early to read and then I throw my hair up in a pony and don't do my make-up for work because like, there's no way Mr. Rochester or his equivalent is going to be at the ad agency today so like, who cares?"

"Stage Seven: I am BAWLING when Mr. Rochester finally gives in and tells Jane how he really feels and she him. Literally it's like midnight and I'm sobbing over a seriously old book. (Plus I've been reading this while it's been all stormy and romantic out. Really messing with my head.)"

We decided we must see the movie as soon as it came out. I grabbed another copy of Jane at the library and a version on tape so I could quickly re-read and catch up. 
We met and chatted over lunch and proudly joined the handful of  senior citizens seeing the Saturday afternoon film. It was so fun. 

I love good books. 
And good friends. 
And good food. 
So, naturally, the combination of all three made for an amazing afternoon.

Thanks Amo. 

Next on our list to read and discuss: Tess of the D'Urbervilles.


Sib Series hosts Sib #2  this Friday!
(who is technically sib #3, I am child #2 of the herd)

Don't miss it!


amo said...

A whole blog post about me dude. A whole blog post. Awww thanks Rae! To be featured on Rae's Corner feels like winning some very special award. :) I was just going on and on to Nae about how great our afternoon was and how you forced me to get dessert at lunch when she stopped me and said "Yeah there's a whole blog up about it."
I love our reading/writing bond and I always feel smarter when I walk away from a conversation with you. Even during the conversation I'm proud the people around us are hearing us talking about the way the Nevada Assembly works and 19th century novels.
Can't wait for next time.

Joan said...

Book club with Rae?! I'm SUPER jealous :)
Looking forward to the Jacob post...it's too bad that all the Hansen kids aren't individuals and don't have opinions or personalities. They're all super boring people ;)