Thursday, May 12, 2011

No cooperation, no cooperation at all.

Nothing is convenient. Ever.

Not a camera.

Not a spontaneous photo shoot.

 ("Quick girls, let Mommy take a couple of pictures before we head out the door!") =

London just woke up. Grumpy. But it should be noted that her grumpiness is only exacerbated by her older sister... who acts offended and put-off when London emerges from her room. Lily prefers her mornings be kept to herself (don't we all?!!!). Poor little lundy. She deserves a big hug and a shout-out when she comes grunting grumbly from her room with her bedhead. But instead Lils throws her hands up in dismay and exclaims,

"Aw Mom! You see! She's just a wimp! I give up on her!"


Good morning.

And (of course!) my laptop crashed earlier this week.

I hate all things technology. And yet I'm so entirely dependent I had no choice but to hurry out and buy a netbook from Costco to tide me over. How else will i check my weather reports?! 

And it's little and stupid.
And i'm having trouble loading photos.
And editing photos.
And my fingers are too fat.


Sib Series #4 featured later this week.

{Once I get this darn computer working and can load some photos.}


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

Have I ever told you that I love the way Lundy says "lip gloss". Every time she sees me she asks for some of my lip gloss that I am wearing...I can't even think of how she says it right now, but I love it.


P.S. your sib series is so much fun!

Sarah Hansen said...

I need to see them. It hurts they are so cute. Ellie Belle is getting so big. What a chubberwubber. Couldn't get a cuter combination of Tyler and Rachel in 3 perfect little girls :)

Natalie in Sparks said...

Those pictures are funny! I like the last one of London coughing. so random! Your girls do say the most funny and random things I love it!

Joan said...

Ahhh, life is good. I woke up this morning to Bensy projectile vomiting (like a HOSE) all over me and the couch. But I still leaned over and smooched his fat cheeks and laughed a bit. Life is good: projectile vomit and grumpiness included.
Ps: Lily's drama queeness killllls me. I get such a kick out of her :)