Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sib Series Presents: Sibling #3

Meet Jacob.
(AKA Jake, Cub, Cubster, Fred Poop)

Meet Erica.

Jacob + Erica =

Two extremely unhappy people living a life of utter woe and drudgery on the beaches of Hawaii.

Pity them. Pity. Them.


Occupations: Students at Brigham Young University, Hawaii.
Jacob is majoring in Business w/ an emphasis in Supply Chain Management (graduating this year!)
Erica is majoring in Exercise Science, and wants to work in the field of physical rehabilitation (graduating next April!)
Jacob also currently works for a software company as a sales rep, and Erica was PROUDLY employed at Surf N' Tacos...a Hawaiian local

Jacob and Erica are totally hilar (that's my lingo for hilarious). I would describe them both as genuinely good, kids at heart, highly motivated, and oh so fun to be around (my kids especially love them). They are in town for the summer working side-jobs as landscapers (hilar!, again) and it has been fun to have them close.

Describe each other in three words.

ERICA: Understanding, patient (oh my gosh he is way too patient with me), lovable

JACOB: Erica is, Sassy, Sexy and Strong.

Sassy= Erica is a fighter/spitfire and will let you know what she thinks. Still, she also is tenderhearted and willing to forgive, a great balance.

Sexy= Erica is....wouldn't you like to know...haha ;) ;) ;)

Strong= Erica is no wuss. She is very capable, a hard worker and someone who GETS THINGS DONE. (No joke, she is that girl who has an assignment due in three weeks and actually thinks, "Well, I will start now and get it done early so I don't stress about it later." Definitely not her husband's strategy for assignments due in three weeks)

What is your happiest memory, and what makes it so special?

ERICA: My dad used to take all of his kids for "walks" on Sunday just to catch up and talk. They weren't always a walk but we did something with him one-on-one that we specifically liked to do. I liked it because growing up it was hard for me get anyone to actually listen to me because of things that had to be addressed by the older kids or because they were louder they were acknowledged more so I learned to keep more thoughts/opinions to myself. But it always made me feel good that I was the only one being heard for that time frame.

JACOB: Well obviously meeting and marrying Erica is probably the most special but it didn't happen that long ago so it doesn't seem like a memory but rather a reality I am living today. Also there are SO MANY great memories but I think some of my favorite memories center around ages 13-15 at Skylar's house. I think I pretty much lived at his house every weekend and we had a blast. It was such a great time of discovery. We were in that age where all of the sudden you are not treated like kids anymore and you have more freedom. WE LOVED IT. We would ride our bikes everywhere and suddenly began to discover girls. I remember the first flirtation experience I had was at age 13. Skylar was in a chatroom on AOL and started talking to a girl. I thought it looked fun so I tried. I used funny pickup lines and ended up chatting with a 14 year old girl for like an hour. It was lame but we felt pretty cool as this was our first ever experience of actually "hitting" on girls....and yes I was "chatting online with babes, all day"

What do you love that you may not openly express?

ERICA: Breakfast food. Anytime of day. Especially chocolate chip pancakes.

JACOB: My problem is, if I love something....I EXPRESS IT! haha. Well I think one I do not openly express but that I do love is hand making things that are useful/beautiful. Some of this was seen in my blacksmith days but I still have that yearning to be a craftsmen. Recently shaping surfboards is something I am interested in. I fix things all the time but I really would like to hand craft my own board. I also have an interest in making furniture and one day hope to make some home gadgets for Erica.    

What are you most grateful for? What are you LEAST grateful for?

ERICA: The Plan of Salvation. I had a really hard time when my Grandma died but right before she did she talked with me about how she wanted to die so she go be with family that had already passed away. It helps me a lot when I think of family that have died, and even those who were not lucky to be fully brought into the world and I did not have a chance to meet.

When I saw the LEAST grateful part of the question I thought (in the Molly-est of Mormon voices you can come up with) "but... we should be grateful for everything, Rachel!?" But no, we shouldn't. So here are mine: Bad actors/actresses, boob jobs that are painfully obvious, mini skirts made for XXL women, my high school experience, the "baby question", artists like Aaron Carter and Justin Bieber (oh yeah, I went there), porn, bad dye jobs, and oh so much more but I was asked to keep this "brief and concise"

JACOB: I am most grateful for Erica, Family and Friends. With them I have everything, all the rest is just a bonus. I am least grateful for any kind of sticker bushes, they suck.
What makes you sad?

ERICA: The thought of something happening to Jake. It would seriously suck if he was suddenly taken from me after I had worked so hard finding him!

JACOB: I try not to get sad. I think sadness is a choice. Victor Frankl who suffered in a concentration camp said, "The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one’s freedoms is to choose ones attitude in any given circumstance." Still, the things that, for me, are the hardest to bear is to watch those I love suffer. Suffering from material things is bad, but I think emotional suffering is much worse. In my opinion, for example: children who are beaten are not scarred nearly as much by the physical violence as by the emotional pain parental abuse spawns. When viewed in that light, physical suffering often seems more bearable than other more emotionally based pain. Hence the reason for such high suicide rates in developed nations: though the physical needs are met, the more important emotional needs are often neglected. I think society needs a new way to measure "standard of living."  WOW, how did the question "what makes you sad" lead to me redefining societies view of living standards..... ?

What characteristic most attracted you to your spouse?

ERICA: His adorable dimples! They still give my stomach flip-flops. But really it was his honesty. It was so REFRESHING to me that when Jake said he would do something or be somewhere at a certain time he actually was. I can't tell you how awesome that is to me.

JACOB: OBVIOUSLY HER RIDICULOUS GOOD LOOKS!!!!! next question please........ 
Though her looks definitely played a role, while on our first date I noticed something: I felt totally comfortable around her. We talked and had a great conversation without missing a beat. There were no awkward silences, and even when I did say something dumb (when, in my head I would be kicking myself) she would laugh and make nothing of it. Since the very beginning I felt like Erica liked me for me and that I could let down my guard and be myself. There are a million other things that attracted me to her like: her willingness to do crazy things with me, her sassy and strong personality, her love of family and children, her goofy sense of humor, her work ethic, and on and on, but I think her loving me for me was the thing that really hooked me.  

List which future in-law you were most nervous to meet and why.

ERICA: I can't choose just one. I was nervous to meet all of them, but for different reasons.

JACOB: I think I was most nervous to meet Erica's sisters. I could tell very quickly that they were all very close and I know how protective sisters can be.

 If the whole world were listening to you and you only had two minutes to speak, what would you say?

ERICA: Umm... I have a really huge problem with speaking in public so I think I would pawn this off to someone else to do.
JACOB: Sorry to sound cheesy but I would talk to them about the gospel. I would promise them that their happiness, whether they believe it or not,  is based on how well they lived the principles Christ taught and that He speaks today, SO LISTEN. 

 What does your "happy place" look like?

ERICA: I love the monsoon season in Arizona and watching them out the window. So I want a glass house with a big bed in it where I can lay and watch the lightning and the rain.

JACOB: HMMM...well I have dubbed Hawaii my happy place, but I also see my future life as my happy place. So I will combine the two... It's twelve years from now, I own a couple of small companies and do very well managing them. Erica and I are still crazy about each other and, just the other day, had a scare when our son walked in and we were making out on the couch. Anyways, we have SUPER CUTE kids and we have the tradition of going to the north shore every year for two weeks. So my happy place is us there on a beach having a great time with other friends and or family who have come to join us in days filled with surfing, jungle hikes, waterfalls and me and Erica revisiting the spots where we first met, first kissed and began our life together. (Oh yeah, and I am like 20 times better at surfing by this point)
 What is your life motto?

ERICA: Do not take counsel from your fears.

JACOB: Live, Love, Serve

Live= Get out and experience the world, soak up all that is good

Love= Love ALL men. Hate sin, not sinners. Live the golden rule and remember relationships with others are the most precious things in life.

Serve = Living life on a beach is fun (believe me I know, it's what I do). Still, one beautiful evening right after sunset I was paddling in from surfing and could not help but reflect on the strange feeling I had inside. For months and months I had been feeling empty, like something was missing. Still, I looked around and saw the beautiful green mountains towering above the sea, the red sky in the background and felt the warm tropical salt water against my skin. I stopped and just laid on my back floating in the water. I had everything: good friends, Hawaii, minimal responsibilities, so what was bugging me? For a few weeks I tried to "relax" more and just enjoy life. But I could not help it: I still felt restless. Then, one day while again laying on my back in the water after surfing,  I received a powerful personal revelation. I thought of my mission, and though it was the most tough, hot, soul trying work... I had never felt so "full" in my life. Suddenly, I realized that simply "enjoying life" is not all that enjoyable and there is a reason the Lord wants us "anxiously engaged in a good cause." I was again reminded that unless I was anxiously engaged in a cause greater than simply amusing myself and "enjoying life"  I would never be truly happy.  So get out there and serve. Find your cause and fight for it.   

In your first year of marriage, what have you learned thus far?

ERICA: That our terms of endearment to each other sound like insults to others. For Example: When Jake called me his little beep  tonight at Walmart in front of the LDS Missionaries (who he didn't see) in the dairy section because I was whining like a 7 year old that I was bored and wanted to go home, what he really meant was "Oh princess of mine, I love you more than life itself! Please don't ever leave me!" So perhaps we should be a little bit more careful while we're in public.

JACOB: 1) That Erica is awesome and I definitely made the right choice. 2) That marriage changes everything. Often men complain about the changes marriage brings to their lives and how it restricts their freedom. I think this is because of the tendency of men to be selfish. Sure, now you can't just do whatever you want and you have to take into account your wife's feelings and thoughts but that is what marriage is all about. Its about truly LOVING someone with all your heart and putting them above yourself. The beautiful thing about marriage is that it is the greatest chance for you to live for another person. Like I mentioned before, living for yourself leaves you feeling empty and always looking for some new thrill or fad that engages and excites you more than the last one, whereas living for another actually fills you with a deep lasting joy and satisfaction. I think love is the key to marriage. I recognize that being "in love" is a phase but I can already feel a change in my relationship with Erica. It is deeper and more lasting than "being in love." It's the kind of love that is associated with family relationships. It's a deep connection and honest concern for the welfare of the other. Right now that love is budding between the two of us and will continue to grow exponentially as the seeds of our "in love" phase will blossom into an all out family filled with love and concern for one another. (NO PUN INTENDED IN THAT LAST SENTENCE)     

(Cue Top Gun Soundtrack:  Take my Breath awaaaaaaaay......) two little lovebirds.


Alexis said...

No greater mother's day gift than to enjoy these sibling interviews! I always said every parent needs to have at least 3 children because Jacob was that joyful easy going 3rd baby that finally helped me get my bearings as a mother and settle in to enjoy the experience. My wonderful in-law children are proof that you don't have to physically give birth to a child to love them. How grateful I am for the parents who raised these great spouses for my kids. Watching Jacob and Erica enjoy their college years and married life together IN HAWAII is about the best fun of all. Let's admit it...parents live vicariously through their children...Aloha:)

Joan said...

Wow! What a power couple!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading their interview :)

Dan & Ali said...

Power couple is right! I do believe they run on high octane fuel only! Fun people, fun times!

Natalie in Sparks said...

wow, what a darling couple! They seem so perfect together.
These interviews leave me feeling like I really know them! Like next time I see them I can have a meaningful conversation!

Sarah Hansen said...

I can hardly sleep at night I am so excited and anxious to read all about my sibs. Just skip mine. I can't wait for the others! The real deal is...that I am happy these two are back in the States because they are way too fun.