Monday, May 23, 2011



These children of mine.

1. Lily Lu.

Is currently grounded from playing with her lizard. There are days I feel like I've run an emotional marathon with this child. I will have to remain on my toes for the rest. of. my. life. with her.
 So sassy, and yet I love her dearly for it. The things that come out of her mouth, I could just die laughing. As we listened to a song on the radio today, she informed me: "I'm a big fan of this group."
Or yesterday, when she realized we were going to church and stated: "I don't believe in Jesus on Sundays."
(How do you even respond to a statement such as that? Is a reprimand even technically appropriate? I don't know. The only reproach I managed to blubber was, "Well He believes in YOU! Now put your dress on!")

2. Lundy girl

I'm certain she inhabits reality only 5% of the time. The other 95% is spent floating around the house in a world of make-believe, barbie in hand. Or pony in hand. Or she is a pony herself. Or Rapanzel. Singing, dancing, merry on her way. I will cry, cry, CRY, when this ends. She went to play for a bit at a friends house today, and I was later informed by her friend's Mom that she had waltzed into the girl's room, threw her hands out and exclaimed at the decor, "Oh! My! Goooosh! This is so cute!"
Lol. That is sooooo London. In fact, she was asking on the drive over before we even got there,
"Mom, is Taween's (Taryn's) bed pink, or puwple, or yellow, or owange, or blue?"

3. Ellie Belle

We sent this pic to the friend who made this quilt for her. I adore sentimental, practical gifts such as these. To think that my baby is wrapped up in a bundle of fabric that was painstakingly sewn out of love is just warm! And I especially love that it will forever connect her to others, isn't it just darling? A keepsake indeed. And yet I was instructed by such friend that she insists on her blankets being used. She wants them tattered and loved. We're well on our way.

Ellie J, you are the sunshine of our days. Does that sound cliche? Too bad.


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

Didn't Christie Marshall make the quilt. I remember going to her home one day while she was making it and I thought it was perfect!!


Casady said...

Oh how they grow so fast!!!

Rae. said...

yes, it was christi, and it is the second one she's made for us (and every other ward member having a baby!? A saint, that woman).

Joan said...

YES! I did get your vm. I guess I'm just about as good at responding to a phone call as you are an email! :) haha!
I will call you today...hopefully the stars will be in alignment and our children will allow us to talk for few :)
Your girls are beautiful, Rae. Really, truly. And each one such a gift to you and Tyler.

Nonna said...

Oh how I love those girls! Each one special in their own way.

Sarah Hansen said...

What darling girls. I miss them. Some of those pictures should be submitted to a magazine or something :)

Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

Ok, it really probably isn't appropriate (or righteous? ha, right.) how much I covet your family of girls. I just want little girls all over the place. Of course I'll love a little boy (I think I'm obligated as a mother to say that... and I really do mean it...... really.) but I just LOVE my little girl and love hearing about all the fun you have with your girls. They are all perfect.