Thursday, June 16, 2011

You know better than to trust me...

I haven't forgotten about our latest DIY project and reveal.

It's about 90% finished. As is everything else in my home.

We're 90% people.

It is a source of extreme, and yet complacent anxiety in my life. I will stare endlessly at the unfinished painted corner in my office, dating back to 2008? I hate that corner. Hate. It!
And yet, do I  pull out the bucket of paint, tape the edges and get to work?


This 90% rule is the source of some pretty interesting friction in our marriage too. Tyler, bless his dear heart, will clean the kitchen and never wipe down the counters. (?!) I will vaccuum my car incessantly and ignore getting the oil changed. (?!!) Tyler mows the lawn and leaves the old grass in a bag spilling over the sidewalk. (???!!!) I custom order a million pictures and still have yet to frame them. (????!!!!)

ad infinitum. Where are my meds?...I feel a panic attack coming on....followed by an argument with Tyler... followed by makeup sex.

Don't be offended: This is how good marriages are made. Didn't you know that? You're welcome.

The unit is 90% complete, 90% functional, with finish yet to be nailed on, sitting in my girls' bedroom. I'm glad I've held myself accountable to a standard though, I must post the finished product on this blog by next week or ELSE. (Or else what?)


Sib series coming up next: Sibling #8!!!!!!


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

I only painted the part of my boys bunk bed that shows.


Joan said...

90% people my bum!!! How about 128% percent people that cant always crank out that last 8 percent?!? Cant wait to see the final product!

Joan said...

Waiting..."Patiently" ;)

Joan said...

I'm waiting "patiently" for your next post ;)