Monday, July 18, 2011

Look in a Book.

I regularly bring my girls to the library during the winter months. 

In my estimation, it's another good {and free} living room to destroy. Booohaaahaaaaa.

We have been absent for about two months (good weather cannot be wasted). Late fees have been accruing all the while for a misplaced If you give a Kitty a Cupcake read, found under the girls bed two nights ago. I read it to them and decided today we must face the music: ten bucks?!!!! Eeeeeeeeek!

This post is lame.

{I also went to the DMV today with three children, how's that for exciting?!}

But I do love the library.

And any books by Audrey and Don Wood
Their stories, and illustrations in particular, are bomb diggity.

We grabbed an old favorite, Heckedy Peg.
It has all the elements a kid can really love: a one-legged witch, food, magic spells.

And Mom is the hero.

Love that.

And a new one I have not yet seen (so excited!):  

Feeling like a good parent today,

{knock on wood}
{knock on wood}
{knock on wood}


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