Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This all began in a carwash.

My brother leaves back to Hawaii today, but not without us stealing him away to snap a few family photos.  Free photos! Yes puhlease.

Admittedly, I'm a perfectionist...to a fault. I am never satisfied. Family photo shoots are a nightmare. A sick self inflicted torture session my family must endure for a Christmas card.

Tyler knows what to expect. He allows me to be the monster that I am. The beast behind the smile. 

For us, gone are the days of studio portraiture (thank heavens).

I miss the perfectly posed uniformity a bit, but then again:

 I love raw photos.

Capturing my girls in their uncooperative normal states.

 I prefer family photos of the organic variety.
Showered and clean, but untidy? A bit. 

Do you love my Lily-poser or what?

Melt my heart, I love these faces.

As Tyler and I tucked into bed after the photos, (and after I had repeated my endless lecture of how he spoiled that one. perfect.! photo because he was messing around and trying to grab my boob thinking he was soooOOOooooOOO funny),

we realized it was the 17th

July 17th is our real anniversary.

Eleven years ago.

Oh my. 

It was in a faintly lit, empty self-service car wash on a summer evening that we sat in my car: A&W burgers and rootbeer floats in hand. The sunset filtered through the car windows, half down and ushering a cooler, calm breeze.  We laughed and talked and flirted. Tyler brushed my hair to the side and kissed me. It felt good. It was that night we decided,
 it was us.


Official transcript:

Rae: "So like, are we like....going out or something...like?"

Ty: "Uu uuu hhhuhhh hu hu uuuhhh huh...I guess."


Sigh, sweet love.

Did I ruin that for you?


But look at what we did!!!

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