Friday, August 26, 2011

The Comments are back! The Comments are back!

Rule #1. Don't be mean. (this advice applies to me as well)

Do you remember that minor, itty bitty little spat I had with the Mormon Child Bride?!

Well, funny thing: it's amazing what lessons can be learned.

We're e-FRIENDS now, can  you believe it?

Through a few (private) conversations and lots of explanations/forgiveness I am pleased to report that the spat has long been over and I am grateful for the perspective and insight I've gained in the process.

So hooray for that!

I turned my comments off during that time period in order to halt the conversation. Since that is no longer needed, I miss my three loyal commentators!

And I appreciate the emails in the mean time, you can still email me too.



Kendall K said...

Yippee! I've wanted to comment a few times and have been sad that I couldn't... email didn't even occur to me :)

I love your posts, you are such a great writer and your kiddie are adorable!

Sarah Gurries said...

Oh goodie. It's about time!

Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

i was wondering what happened. for a while there i thought my one true way of keeping in touch with you was over (even though i live down the street, go to the same church, and am practically neighbors with your brother...).


Brandon Koplin said...

Yay for comments! I miss being able to give my two cents about whatever your post is about. Every opportunity to share my loud opinion about something, ANYthing really is appreciated and welcomed :) I'm afraid we have that in common, my dear.