Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do you ever feel like this?

A {mini} manifesto.

I will no longer take advice from idiots. Morons masquerading as experts in fields in which the only expertise they actually hail comes from miserably missing the mark. Tolerance for sheer stupidity is merely an extension of stupidity. And who can be tolerant of that? Who should be tolerant of that? 
I will no longer eat the big fat turd sandwich served to me simply because it is piled between two slices of temptingly delicious bread. Corrupt ideas and bankrupt values should never be acceptable, even if made to look pretty. Or popular.
Selfish people annoy me. 
I am tired of losers.
I want to hear from the winners. 
But it seems the losers are so. much. louder.

{hmm, looks like someone is in an irritable mood.}

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