Sunday, August 7, 2011

Joanie Baloanie

{I know that isn't how you spell bologna. It just works for the title Joanie Baloanie to do some modifications, don't you agree?}

Joan and I met when we were teenagers. Eeew: we have pictures of our nasty hair and outfits to prove it. I remember the first night we met and hung out together, we stayed up talking until 3 in the morning as if we'd always known each other. Cliche sounding but true. Instant friends, even at a distance {we lived in separate States}.

The next time I saw Joan was at the airport in Utah, as she zipped up in her Honda Civic to pick me up for a visit. I was a senior in highschool and she was a freshman at BYU, and there was nothing my mother wished for more than for me to be away and well within the safe confines of the Provo 'good-life'. Joan excitedly honked and waved, I loaded my stuff in and we sped away listening to Janet Jackson classics. Joan danced with her hands while driving and made abrupt stops outside of intersections to notice and exclaim,
"Shuuuut UUUpp! Rae, did you just see those flowers in that planter?!!!!!! 
I'm DYING they are so gorgeous....!`"
It was undeniable, even smack dab in the heart of what I falsely assumed was the boring-est city in America, this Joanie girl was a par.tay.
Her pure enthusiasm for life is infectious, and we`ve been known to get a little overhyped about subjects ranging from motherhood to dessert to Britney Spears to religion to nail color.

We eventually roomed together in college, later married during the same year, and had three babies (each).

Three boys.

Three girls.

{and consequently: three betrothals}

Finally, this last week, our babies MET! 
Joan superwoman trekked her way to our neck of the woods with her three handsome little devils.
We had such a good week. Just like old times {only with better hair and perspective on life}

Could ya just die?!!

Check out the adorable apron she made me....

We promised to never let such a long span go again without seeing each other. Nobody can eat and chat and manage six children under the age of six and laugh about it like Joanie and I.

Love you so Joanie dear!

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