Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Husband was watching an old clip via the laptop of a particular game season highlight. One of his favorite teams had won, and as he loaded the dishwasher he reminisced on the day,

Husband (with glazed look of euphoria as he recounts):

"I remember I was working a second job for your Dad the summer we got married. It was late into the evening/night, and I was at the shop. It had been a hot day, but the evening had cooled down a little and I listened on the radio. I was wearing my SD t-shirt and those old black
Nikes. I had just eaten a Carl's Jr. burger and still had an extra large rootbeer. I practically threw it with joy I was so excited."

Wife {mild sarcasm}: "Wow, what a sweet, special story."

{why did he marry her?}

"Now, tell me, could you please recall the details 
of the birth of our second child in such vivid, emotional detail?"

Momentary silence. Slight look of panic. Searching, combing the recesses of husband brain....

"You called me at 7am, told me you had just spoken to the doctor and that a bed had opened up and they were ready to induce you....I rushed right over...we went in....."

Good save. Good save.

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