Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back with a BANG. We're talking a BIG bang...

So we're back.
San Francisco was lovely. However I have no decent pictures to provide. SERIOUSLY?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I left with the best of intentions to document everything. And everywhere we'd go I'd say, oh shoot I forgot the camera! And worst yet, even back at the cute apartment I never ended up shooting any pictures of the darling decor because the porta-crib and pull-out bed always seemed to be out. We'll clean up and then take pictures I'd say....but then nothing. It is such a cute little place too, all fresh and newlywed with no booger clad children's hand-prints on anything. And the towels, oh the towels! Am I the only one who remembers the glory of newlywed towels? Soft and clean and expensive because you weren't the one doing the purchasing!?! 
Sigh, the luxuries of that first married year.

 All I have is this shot of Baker's Beach with Ellie. The newlyweds live right up the street, so Sarah and I walked down from their place and took a stroll one lovely afternoon. The air was heavenly and cool. But I won't insult Sarah or myself by posting the pictures we took of each other. No sirree. 

However, I must say our trip was hardly cliche. We didn't really hit up the usual touristy locales. Instead we opted for Sarah and Christopher's favorite Farmer's market spot for some fresh flowers and to-die-for pluots and juicy oranges. We ate the most amazing 'millionaire's bacon' at Sweet Maple for breakfast. Tyler and I also sneaked away for a while and went downtown to do some shopping. I love that my man loves a good pair of shoes. We grabbed him a couple of much needed pairs. I find him so sexy in a new pair of kicks. It was fun to stroll hand in hand through the stores without interruptions. There was once a day Tyler would roll his eyes and beg to leave every store, but I think having children has taught him that any event which does not require toting diaper bags and strollers and car seats and cheerios and baby food and bibs and blankets and binkies is really worth savoring, even if it means your wife drags you into sample the latest bath products at The Body Shop.

We loved the usual token crazies as well. The winning weirdo of this trip was a homeless man with a huge sign that read, 
"Please give me some pot so i can get REALLY HIGH."

Sweet San Francisco, life just wouldn't be as interesting without you.

{Thank you for hosting us Sarah and Chris!}



There are some BIG changes brewing.


Alex said...

I adore San Francisco. It's even better when you have family there and can experience the treasures that only locals know about. Glad you had a good time.


Joan said...

Ohhhh!!! I'm so bummed there aren't any picture your sister's place? I bet she has it decorated perfectly. So fun that you got to visit.