Thursday, September 1, 2011


Tyler and I are escaping with Ellie this weekend.

Nonna is taking the two older girls for a special Nonna/girl vacation, I hear they have special plans at a fun hotel with a great pool. sPoiLeD!

Tyler and I are taking advantage of the free childcare 
and going to San Francisco to see the newlyweds.
I can't wait to see their cute apartment and roam the misty, salty aired hills of the city. It will feel so crisp and refreshing. San Francisco has long been one of Tyler and I's favorite get-aways. I'm so glad I have a good reason to go more often. 
Christmas shopping in San Fran?
Sarah has been begging us to bring the girls, so we are happy to take Ellie-belle and leave her in the care of 'Auntie Sawah and Uncle Cwistofer'. We're sure they'll want a baby immediately after she leaves. She has that effect. 
Lately, she follows me around the house wherever I go, babbling "Ma ma , ma ma, Ma maaaaa!" 
Oh my sweet baby, I love her.

Hope you have a happy up-coming three day weekend!

The workings of Autumn are in the air, can you feel it?


Emily said...

JEALOUS!! I have never been to san fran and I really miss sarah! I guess I must go soon!

Sarah Gurries said...

ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh.I can't wait to kiss her soft, chubby, wonderfulness. We are excited to have you! Emily-Come visit soon!

Joan said...

She DOES have that effect. I LOVE that little chub and her gooeyness.