Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ready for this?

Pleased to introduce

our happy surprise.

Little baby bean, #4.

And if you think you're shocked, you should have seen MY reaction.

Details to come...

I am happy.


Daniel said...


Emily said...

So happy for you! And extremely jealous!

Sarah Gurries said...

Yay for baby bean #4. Can't wait to meet the little cutie. To Daniel-Google stalking...Med school burn out maybe a little?

Ashley said...

Congratulations Rachel and Tyler!

Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

Awesome!! I was looking for the estimated due date...couldn't find it on the pic. is it sometime mid april about? Spring babies are delicious.

Love you.

Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

Would you (or maybe your husband) hate me if I told you I hope it's another girl because I just love the fact that you have 3 already and think everything you guys do as a family is perfect and lovely?! :) Congratulations!

amy m. said...

Oh my goodness!!! BOY! BOY! BOY! Or girl #4 would be amazing/hilarious! :)

amy m. said...

I just noticed all of your fam's names have the letter "L" in them. Are you going to continue this tradition???

Casady said...

We are so happy for you guys!!! Can't wait to meet the little peanut!

nonna said...

I couldn't be happier and I am glad you finally let the news out! It will be harder to have those "Nonna" weekends but I am sure I will figure something out! I am so excited about our BIG HUGE growing family! Boy or girl---who cares---just give us healthy!
Love, Nonna

Shinae said...

Yay for baby bean! :) Happy & excited for your family!!

Ciara said...

Oh. MY! Shock and awe...holy moley! Congrats! Can't wait to hear more!!

Joan said...

I LOVE that you're pregnant. I LOVE that this one was a surprise. The spontaneity is romantic/magical/lovely and I hope it happens to me too...some day...sooner than later :)