Monday, September 19, 2011

This little Elle of mine.

I think only a mother really knows the fascinatingly complex personality of their little babies. Or she at least has spent enough sleepless nights hungover with exhaustion examining every last detail of a cherub face that she begins hallucinating character traits and non-existent communication techniques.  I think a case could be made for both.

We've all encountered the type of mother who believes her baby can speak in sign with the family dog.
Or the other mother who refers to her baby as so noble.

Noble? Really?

You're kid is cute and all, but I would characterize him as more along the line of fantastically normal. You're reading too much into your child, my dear. Relish this phase with unapologetic pride when he loves nothing more than crinkling a newspaper and flinging cheerios from his highchair! Hold you head high when you find him splashing in the toilet! It all passes too quickly.

However it has come to my attention that there is someone so deserving of public attention that I, a completely objective and unbiased bystander, am about to plead the case for the following piece of perfection:

Ellie Jane.

I'm telling you, there is simply no baby like her! Awwww, I could eat her.

Ellie Jane, you are so marvelously sweet.



Charming charming charming.

Mildly spunky with a newfound bend towards sassy.

And look!!

You've begun standing on your own.

Taking a step or two...

Just look at you! So proud of yourself.

Oh my, you are so fun.

You say "maaaa maaa"
and "daaaa daaaa"
and "neee neeee"

You wave hello and clap to "Pat-a-cake"

You reach into my mouth to try and grab whatever it is I'm chewing.

And by revealing these darling idiosyncracies, I can no longer hide behind this mask of humility....
you are just the best baby there is.
It's just fact.

I feel so sorry for all those other normal moms with their normal babies.




Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

Elle is quite the doll baby for sure!

But I have gotta say- my kids are freakin' geniuses.


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

P.S. But I am not because I can never get Ellie's name spelled right.


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