Thursday, September 15, 2011

We're ready.

When do you plan on pulling out your Halloween/Autumn decorations?

I've decided we'll put ours up the first official day of Fall, Sept 23rd.

A bit premature, but the little people have been getting in the spirit ever since the candy and costumes were unleashed at Costco. 

And I'll admit, I'm a little overly excited too. It's hard not to get into the spirit when I have squealing girls who shriek with pure excitement the moment I talk about pulling out our miniature Haunted House and filling our candy corn dish. We browse the Martha Stewart magazine and plan what treats we'll make as London says, "Oh my goshhh Mom I luv it soooo sooooo much, I luv you sooooo sooo much". I pull out my calendar to plan our apple-bobbin' pumpkin carvin' activities and they suddenly think Disneyland sounds lame in comparison.
Children simply make the holidays, and vice versa - the holidays make me a kid again.

Every year I grab a couple of items to add to our decor arsenal. 
Retail therapy has been just that for me lately: therapy.When the grocery store suddenly seems like nothing more than a warehouse of smelly barf-inducing possibilities, and just as my couch was beginning to swallow me in a sweep of lethargic depression, I was pleased to find that a good comb through Marshall's home department had all opposite effects. It brought hope with all of it's black glitter and orange pumpkins! 
October is coming, and in that month I will feel better! Let's celebrate October!

I came home with bags of clothes to finish stocking the girls' winter wardrobe. As I piled the cart with article after article, I had to explain to my BF that this isn't normally how I shop. I'm not in the habit of plunking down wads of cash on a weekly basis, but rather go a little nutso about twice a year. I shop a year ahead for my kids to get the latest and smokin' best sales. It's a trick I learned from my Aunt years ago, and I can tell any mother on a budget that it is simply the BEST way to go about dressing your child. Every six months (during prime sale-of-the-season markdowns), I stock up. 
I love this system. 
It is so nice that by the time the weather hits (whether hot or cold), we are ready. 

I dress four women on a daily basis so I have to take this stuff seriously. It is such a large task of my day. If I didn't enjoy it, I think I would quite possibly die {not to sound dramatic or anything}.


And I'll finish today's post with this week's top 'isms:


Lily asked to ride her bike outside. London immediately chimed in that she wanted to go too. Lily turned to me and spoke softly to keep London from over-hearing:

"Um, Mom....Mrs. McP (kindergarten teacher) showed us like a news report today about how there would be all these bad guys out know....three year-olds. And you know, two year-olds. And one I don't think it would be safe for London to go outside."

"Oh really, Lu?"

"Uh huh."

"Is that the TRUTH?"

Smile cracks, she buries her head in her hands.

Where does she come up with this stuff?



After a morning of errands and a final stint at the library, London received her bribe treat for behaving like a semi-civilized human being. She picked Reese's peanut butter cups out of the vending machine (her favorite).

As we walked to the car, she suddenly threw the package and fell to the ground sobbing,

"It's BLEEDING!!!!!! It's BLEEDING!!!"


I maneuvered the 45 books we had just checked out to the side of the car, shifted Ellie on my hip and bent down to grab the discarded treat package. I examined the semi-MELTED contents as London continued to lie sprawled out on the cement, looking up into the sky wailing.

"London, for goodness sakes! It's just a little melted. Here, try it."

She smeared the chocolate peanut butter combo over her face as she gobbled it down and smiled sheepishly through her tears. Apparently she likes bleeding candy after all.


Joan said...

That Lundy and I speak the same language: FOOD. We are both passionate about the tastes, smells, and sheer pleasure filled delight that all come along with a good binge :) ha.I wonder where London got her passion for food?! Is that a hereditary thing? ;)

Joan said...

Oh and can I DIE about Ellie Jane's plump, soft, deliciousness?!?!? I want to eat her UP!