Friday, October 7, 2011


We got Boo'd!

Such a cute idea. You can read about the instructions here.
Of course, my instant assumption was that a serial killer was at our door when I heard an abrupt knock at 8pm (remember folks, I'm operating on exhaustion time - 8pm seems really freaky eery around here):

Knock knock

"Who's there?"


"Tyler! There is a serial killer at our door and he won't tell me who he is! Unless it's not a HE. If it's a SHE just step aside and let me handle this. I've never been one to back down from of a good girl-fight. 
Please come open the door and check!"

Sitting on a platter on our doormat....

"Spider Cupcakes!"

There's your serial killer, Rachel.

My kids are stoked to go boo someone else this weekend.


In other astoundingly important weekly news:

Ellie Jane has become an official full-time walking lady.

Which conjures up the usual mixture of excitement/fetal position cry during which I curse the universe for the irreversible nature of time. I do feel a little shorted on baby time with this precious one. Oh my Ellsie-boobaby, how I adore you. 

I weaned her a few weeks ago, which also conjures up a hefty mixture of relief/mother's guilt. Mother's guilt is such a vicious irrational beast. Why does it plague us so? I just know that for the rest of her life I will have to challenge the voices that will crop up as she grows:

Ellie doesn't like broccoli....because you weaned her 5 weeks too early.
Ellie is having difficulty with her math homework....because you weaned her 5 weeks too early.
Ellie just ran out into the street without looking both ways....because you weaned her 5 weeks too early.
Ellie broke curfew and was discovered making-out in the back seat of her car with her boyfriend....because you weaned her 5 weeks too early.


I knew for my sanity it needed to happen. I had spent too many nights awake crying by 2am, trying stubbornly to make it to the pediatric praised "one year" mark. I was determined to not shorten her time simply because I was pregnant. She had suddenly began waking up for MORE feedings, crying in protest if I attempted to ignore the pleas. One night, I had thrown up, and then picked up my sweet baby and had to breastfeed. It dawned on me, this is wwwwrong. I am dying and my nipples are about to fall off and things need to change. And so finally we are at the end of the process. I feel so much relief, although I allowed myself a good cry a couple of weeks ago as I nursed her and realized it would probably be the last time with this little munchkin. 

Now I've reminded Tyler we have a the perfect 3 month window to get me the hell-outta-dodge for an overnight vacation before the waddling/next round begins. Babymoon, here we come! (hopefully)


Erica and Jake said...

She's walking?! I know I'm only her aunt but I still feel like she shouldn't be getting this big. And those pictures with Londy and Lils in the back makes me miss them so much!

Joan said...

Yay Miss Ellie Belle! She is such a pudge.
Ps: when do you find out what you're having?!