Friday, October 28, 2011

Funny People.

We're heading back for our last day at our favorite Pumpkin Patch: 
Andelin Family Farm (our good friends).
It's become quite the hit of the area. And I think it is so well done we decided to buy a family pass for the month so the girls could continue visits to the storytime barn, the hay maze, the puppet shows, and to see and feed all the animals. The llamas are my favorite. Their teeth are so dorky and lovable. It was well worth the price, and yet I still finding myself overspending on all of Natalie's assorted homemade jams and goodies.

Lily is on break for a month - hooray!

Yesterday I found myself remembering how lucky I am to spend my days with these peeps.

{The Corn shed, where the kids can sit and scoop and play in all the kernels. How fun is that?!}

What could be better than spending your time with the people you love most?
As exhausting as it can be to care for children, gosh it feels full.
And I don't think I've ever smiled or laughed so frequently throughout my day in my entire existence.

For example, yesterday as I brushed the girls hair as they lined up on their bathroom stools selecting hair accessories, the following conversation began:

London: "Mom! I don't got boogas in my nose, Lulee has boogas in her nose."

Lily: "Yeah, well you've puked before!"

London (looking down shamefully in admittance): "Yeah, I did las night*."
(Last night is London's extremely broad term for last night/last month/last year/last half decade. She hasn't been sick for months.)

Mom: "Girls, Lily has allergies and London is feeling good today."

Lily sighs and puts her hand to her forehead: "Mom, it's just complicated."

Where else do you get such fabulously inane conversation?!! We spend such a huge portion of our day discussing things that make absolutely no sense: purple monsters are nicer than green monsters and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance while playing hide 'n' seek and marrying Justin Bieber and Daddy and Mommy at the same time. I love it.

Or later, as I dropped Lu off at school and noticed she was having difficulty lifting her backpack.

"Lu! Get back here! What do you have in your backpack?!"

It was stuffed to the brim, with what I thought was her fluffy jacket.

Guilty look.

I pull out:

1. An entire Costco bulk plastic container of almonds.
2. Our GLASS cookie jar, FILLED with sugar cookies.
3. A container of Pillsbury frosting.
4. A set of sprinkles.
5. Her American Girl catalog.

Nice try Lily. Homegirl had a party in a bag.
I wonder what her teacher would have thought of me as Lily brought it into class, but given that I showed up last Friday with my maternity dress on inside-out, I don't think she would have been too surprised at my lack of attention.

I find it frustrating and hilarious at the same time, all the moves this kid pulls on a regular basis.
It seems I'm always laugh-scolding, if there is such a thing. (I think most would just term that ineffective discipline)

And ya never know what shenanigans they'll pull next. 
I'm so lucky I'm here to almost catch them all.


Amy said...

that's my kind of student. none of my students ever whipped out anything nearly as exciting as that.

love it, lily!

Joan said...

I am DYING about the girls color coordinating, theme coordinating, EVERYTHING coordinating outfits! I love it. Ps: forget the silly fedora, boots and skinny jeans?Do you have ANY idea how jealous I am going to be when you are holding your new baby?! There is NOTHING better than that :) pss: I love you forever for making me feel so good about myself. Thanks, Rae, Rae ;)
psss: email coming soon?

Sarah Gurries said...

Is it just me or is Ellie giving London a piggyback ride?

Natalie in Sparks said...

cute pics and thanks for coming to the farm so much this month - it was nice to see my friends amidst the chaos! I love how you share all these FUNNY stories of your girls and their conversations! They really are so funny! And Lily sneaking all that stuff to school - I bet it's way entertaining to be a Kindergarten teacher!