Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspiration and Photo Session!

I had to hurry up and post something new to get that last post moving into the archive section at the pleading requests of my siblings. Too much Rachel! I stopped reading the moment I read the word 'thigh'. EEEEeeeeeew. Gross. Shoot me now. I just vomited in my mouth.
Okay fine. ExxxccUusse me for being open and honest, which I hope you always will be with me, kids. At least you know who you can come to when you encounter your own problems with prenatal flatulence!! You should be thanking me!

I really think that between this blog and my laissez-faire displays of breastfeeding at my parent's house, my brothers are permanently damaged. I'm so. sorry. Point taken. I'm going to get a handle on this.

Onto today's post!:



So here is the book I have selected as Ellie's first birthday celebration inspiration:

Minor confession: I picked up the book and thought instantly "Ah hah! This is it!" because I misread the title as CHARMelia. The first word that comes to mind to describe Ellie-boo is "charm", so hooray!

Wait, not so fast. Oops. Chamelia. As in a chameleon named Chamelia. Got it.
But as I read on I realized it was still just perfect.

It's all about little Chamelia, who always wants to stand out from the crowd and not blend in as chameleons are famous for doing. Chamelia is her own spectacular little person, a diva extraordinaire! 
However, sometimes she tries a little too hard, and gets herself into trouble.

Then one blessed day, Chamelia realizes she already stands out on her own merit. No fancy antics needed. She is special just. the. way. she. is. 

I love it because I think being the youngest of three sisters might leave Ellie-belle feeling a little last place at times. Hand-me-downs might get-'er-down on occasion. And she'll want to find her niche. Or so I would imagine.

But just by virtue of being Miss Elliotte Jane Haack the First she stands out enough. And always will! Ain't nobody gonna stand in the way of her sparkle.
Not even two older sisters.


Photo session!

This is my fave photographer in town: Eden Rose.

I had her do Ellie's newborn shoot, which in turn gave us a Christmas card that had multiple people asking if I had copied an Anne Gedde's print. Um no. That really and truly was my baby. Boo yeah shocka!

{Christmas card 2010}


So IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I got an unexpected email from Eden telling me she follows my blog and wanted to offer a special photo shoot for my girls! 
After expressing my sincere apologies (it's just what I find myself doing anytime someone mentions reading my blog) I replied,


i think I'm going to faint.


I couldn't believe my luck!

I will be shopping this week for outfits. 

Hooray! Stay tuned, and check out her stuff!


Joan said...

I'm trying desperately to not be hurt that I didn't get a Christmas card from you last year. Sniff. Sniff. As if you need a guilt trip from me?! haha. Honestly, I know you love me...I don't need a Christmas card to validate that :)
LOVE the book inspiration for Ellie babes first bday. I have zero plans for a party for Benson. I am feeling lazy in the party throwing dept. Idk...just bah humbuggy about it. It's so much work and expensive and stressful. So I'm taking easy street this year for you can see I did for Max (check my blog--hint, hint).

amy m. said...

um I do believe you forgot me on your Christmas card list as well. Who ARE you sending them to? I will email you my address as I can't wait to see what you come up with this year!!
Great post.