Monday, October 24, 2011

Itching Fashionistas

Bedtime pajama selections:

A bit bunchy for my preference

But fashion before comfort? Ladies, you make a momma proud.

One night as we read stories, Lily threw her Fancy Nancy Book down in dismay.
{dismay is a fancy word for consternation. Consternation is a fancy word for distress. 
If you do not read Fancy Nancy books, I cannot help you.}

Why don't I have fancy clothes like THAT?!!!

Excuse me Miss Priss, what exactly is your wardrobe - chopped liver?!!! Do you understand the time and money and giggling and dancing-in-one-spot-jumping-up-and-down-begging-pouting-bargaining-pleading with Daddy-to-please-hand-over-the-credit-card-just-one-more-time that comprise your own ensembles?!!!

I looked closer at Nancy's outfits.

Hmmmm, that is a lot of ribbon.

Ruffles. Patterns, poodles, fluff.

Oh my!!!

As winter settles in and the darkness pervades our day, I just might try my hand at sewing.
I've seen too many sewing blogs to not feel inspired. I do own a good sewing machine, I should get it out.

I have a few Fancy Nancified ideas of my own to add.

And if I have a little precious diva (diva is a fancy word for Lily/London) willing to sport it, why not?!

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Joan said...

I feel like I will have to re-learn all the ropes of parenthood if/when I get a girl. It is such a different world filled with puffy, pink, and all things princess. A part of me yearns for it. The other part thinks, "You're good with boys, Joan. A girl will just complicate your life."
Maybe that's just a defense mechanism--me trying to protect myself from the sadness of never having a girl..Who knows? :)