Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oktoberfest Presents:

A success. 

I think London's face says it all.

I am Rae, and I enjoy scaring children.

{On Halloween}

{And if you think I'm cruel, you should know that titling the narrative told by Grim-Reaper-Daniel a "scary" story is akin to calling Mother Goose rhymes satanic folklore. I think the scariest part involved the word 'coyote'. It doesn't take much to spook this child. BooOOOOOOooooHHHAAaaaaaAAAAA!!!}


Sarah Gurries said...

This looks beyond fun and festive. Wish we could be there ;(

amy m. said...

There sure is a lot of blonde in this family.....

Joan said...

OMGosh, Dans costume is awesome! You Hansens are so much fun!