Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pumpkin Stuffed Pasta and a return to {our new} normal.

First menu of the month was made this last week. 
Is it bizarre that I measure my wellness, my life quality, my capabilities
...all by a good weekly dinner line-up?

No apologies!
I am not sure I would exactly term myself an 'emotional eater'. 
Because who ISN'T an emotional eater?
How is it that food is somehow supposed to be detached from our emotional senses and impulses?

I don't think it is, or should be. Just properly applied.
A meal surrounded by family at the end of a long day should feel amazing! Walking into your home to the aroma of a good stew simmering on a cold evening should excite more than your taste buds! Cookie baking with the kids is so much more than the cookies! Happiness is very much tied up in it, isn't it?! Who doesn't like a little food for comfort? For entertainment? !!

Hooray for food!
 {REAL food that is, read good!}

Part of the what I've coined "first trimester trauma" is my sudden aversion to food. The whole experience is gone, and finding myself vomiting at even the thought of a leaf of romaine lettuce really shuts my psyche down. I just gave myself up to it this time around. Who cares! We'll eat plain noodles for 10 weeks!
 I wasn't going to let it depress me as much as it has before. 
But just because you think you can recognize an impending storm for what it is doesn't exactly mean you won't find yourself getting wet when it rolls in. 

I've missed cooking for my family these past months. 

And after the 57th day of spending inordinate amounts of money on fast food and take-out while simultaneously increasing my family's risk of cancer and obesity, the metaphorical clouds lifted just as the literal ones rolled in bringing with them a nice chill that makes home and the kitchen feel like a big blanket.

We've enjoyed heaping amounts of slow cooked BBQ chicken, roasted butternut squash, and salads filled to the brim with fresh garden tomatoes (thanks Dan!). Sweet Potato Chili with Cornbread tonight (thanks for recipe Abbie!), pumpkin pasta coming on Sunday.

I'm feeling so much better, and dinner is on the table to prove it! 


The Mrs. said...

YEA!! I'm happy for you!!


Abbie said...

thanks for helping me. i'm so stuck as far as meal planning goes and now i know what i'm doing on sunday.

high five + a chest bump.

Joan said...

Such a relief! More for you than me of course...but I just feel so happy that you are feeling better. Halelujah!