Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Sweet Life Presents: Oktoberfest 2011 Album

First event:

In honor and loving memory of our old farm's apple orchards.
I remember the trees in the fall, heavy with apples of all varieties. My Papa Dan would arrive on a crisp autumn afternoon armed with Albertson's fried chicken and cookies. He would offer to pay us grandkids 25 cents per bucket to fill and haul apples over to the old, manual apple juicer. We would watch in excitement as we'd pile a full bucket of apples into the grinder and watch Papa's strong (hairy) arms turn the wheel round and round as the apples dissipated into ground pieces and juice began flowing.
I only tasted it once, but everyone in the family agreed it was the best tasting juice ever (and the perfect cure for constipation...). 
I was too grossed out after I heard that my cousin had found a worm in their apple one day. I imagined all the undetected worms inside the whole apples that were thrown into the juicer. Worm guts!!! EEEeeek!
I still can't bring myself to drink unpasteurized, wholesomely delicious apple juice.

Those trees are what I miss most about the Farm. I love my parent's new property more than anything, and am so glad it captures the spirit of how I grew up. But this is the one area it doesn't quite measure up. 
No heavy laden, rich with memories apple trees.

So, as part of our Oktoberfest activities we still enjoy the spirit of the occasion with a good apple bob and caramel apple makin' night. I just plastered the pics below. 


Who goes first?
Let's pick on the little guy...

Finnan the Fearless, as they say.

Londy girl doesn't want to mess up her beautiful mane and pouts politely declines. 

Going for a S'more effect?
How about a white chocolate drizzle?
Heath bars anyone?

Note to future posterity: this face is all you will ever need to understand your ancestor Pop.

Inside brain: "As long as the fed keeps printing money you can bet inflation will rise bobcat production creates prosperity sage-hens are in absolutely no credible threat of extinction bobcat three inches abs pipe four water heaters 5 percent markup bobcat if you look to history you will most certainly find that the Founding Fathers indeed set up the Constitution with a belief in a higher power Who is planning on having the next grandbaby we need to get on that i only have five....."

There are never enough pictures of Ellie, don't you agree?

Finnan hoards candy corn. I'm jus sayin'.

Just wook at dat wittle fat face....note to self: more pictures of Forrest needed.

Mom's spooky house decor. Good job Gamma!
A fine step up from your Charlie Brown paper cut outs taped to the wall.
You. make. me. proud.

 Oktoberfest's next upcoming event: 

scary story night.


Emily said...

That looks so fun!!! I have to say to, every time I see forest's face I think of the man thong pic that mallory posted on facebook and all the comments that accompanied it. You guys are hilarious!

rae said...

Man-thong pic? I must log onto facebook every now and then, i haven't heard about this!

Sarah Hansen said...

Rae- She is talking about Big Boy Forrest not Baby Forrest :) It's on Mallory's page. Oh my gosh. What a fun night! So many cute pictures. How I love the Fall.

Joan said...

This event has your feative Martha self written ALL OVER IT! You are so cute. Im sitting here feeling horribly guilty bc Maxs bday is ten days away and I have no party for him planned (yet) & I just realized he has NEVER had a party while James has had a party every year since he was 3!?!?! What kind of mother am I? :/