Monday, October 10, 2011

Undercover Agents.

Auntie Ali and I planned for a Friday treat day for the kids.

Ali made pumpkin cupcakes and delicioso ooey gooey s'mores (made with marshmallow cream and nutella - hollaaa!) for us to snack on.

We opted for MoNsTeR EyEs & sPiDeRs to deliver as our BOO! treats.

It was mostly do-able for the girls. 

Note to self:

Never begin your project directly after shopping at three different locations with your three children after cleaning your house all morning. 

It makes for a whole different patience level (read: zeeeero.)

Finnan boy mostly enjoyed running off with handfuls of Reeses. 
Love that chump.

Still, it was fun. And better yet, the girls got to go deliver/hide their spooky treats that evening with Auntie Mal.Tyler and I were able to sneak away on a little date night to Macaroni Grill and Barnes and Noble.
Mal reported that at one house, the Dad became a little too nosy and came looking intently for the suspects. Mallory said she panicked a little, and ran with the girls behind a big truck. I laughed hardest when she told me London insisted on wearing her big pink "Yoonie Corwn" (Unicorn) costume.

I can just see it now. Poor Mal running in the dark with Ellie in the stroller, 
Lils (probably giggling and talking waaay too loud) and Lundy girl the pink unicorn.

Totally inconspicuous, how could anyone spot them?!


Joan said...

You are so stinking festive! I love it. Thanks for inspiring me to be a fun Mom :)

Joan said...

Ummm, I don't see your "Joan apron" hanging up!? You better be wearing it or I'm SO offended ;)