Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Album Time!

Remember the theme inspiration?
 You can see London's first birthday inspiration here.
Lily Lu's party was pre-blog/pre camera days. It was Bubble Gum girl themed. One day I will scan/post.

I grabbed $13 worth of fabric at the store......

And taaaa daaaa! This is what we came up with:

Cupcake bar:
 To spare myself from an emotional meltdown, I baked a batch a day for a few days. Sure made a difference. No crazed, overwhelming cupcake making displays from me this  year: victory!!!

Ellie, do you like your cupcakes?

We like you.

Delightful guests...

Cute babies.....

Ellie and Zozo shared a birthday song and cupcake together. Poor Zoe was sick on her official birthday, just three weeks earlier. Read about Zoe here. Can't believe it's been a year!

Ellie dug in. 
We've been practicing for this event for around 3 months now.

Zoe was much more dainty...


And by the end, we had a very sleepy birthday girl who needed to say her goodbyes and take a nap...

Ellie Jane, 
The day you were given to us was a blessed day. You are our little magical princess queen baby doll and we LOVE YOU forever.
Happy Birthday.


Emily said...

Please please please please post a how-to on how you made those BEAUTIFUL cupcakes!!!!! My tummy just rumbled

Nonna said...

So cute--Miss Ellie looks plum tuckered out! Sorry we missed the big event. Love and kisses, Nonna & Pop
ps...I am missing our girls!