Friday, November 18, 2011

Book Friday.

The wind is blowing insanely outside. I loved hearing it last night. I alternate between mildly irrational fear hearing its power against the windows and a sense of complete security and comfort knowing I'm comfy in my bed with my babes safely snug under our roof. Apparently others in the city aren't feeling so safe, a fire has broken out and Lily is intently watching the morning news with me. Hope all turns out well soon...

Amy and I held our second official book-club meeting. I enjoy the simplicity of a one-on-one book club. However, Nae was invited to join because we know she has a secret penchant for dork-fests as well. It's more subtle, harder to detect: but she is a sappy romantic at heart. Plus it's more of an excuse to get together, because life somehow manages to move at lightning speed and although we are now all in the same city we end up going months without seeing each other.

We enjoyed lunch and discussion of Tess of the D'Ubervilles. Good classic. Innocence, rape, love, wrath, redemption, retribution, and an ending I didn't expect.

Up next: Orange is the New Black.

I'm also going to try and pick up another book I've had my eye on: Radical Homemakers.

The approaching cold brings a new itch to read. Tyler has picked up his kindle more during the evenings, the television is on less, and my girls are catching the fever too: at the library last week I found Lily at the help-desk waiting for assistance.

"Lu, what are you doing?!"

"Asking the library lady how to read."

Awww, isn't that cute and sad? Lily is always grabbing large chapter books from the junior section because of their interesting covers. I try to explain to her that she knows almost all of her letter sounds and each day as she goes to kindergarten and has reading time at home with Mom/Dad she is learning to read. However, it serves as a reminder that I don't plan on waiting around for the school system to kick-start her education...we're starting these:

I remember doing these lessons with my Mom. Many of my questions about education are directed to her, when she points me to this/that book and tells me stories of school district meetings during my younger days. I smile now looking back and imagining her as a young Mom with me, enthusiastically obsessing over my future as much as I do now with my own girls. 

Smart women, I hope to raise a few of them. Wish me luck. It's ridiculously daunting and I'm under-qualified for the task at hand.

Have a great weekend, we are off to enjoy the best kind of Friday: slow, cozy at home, and full of books. 


amy miller said...

Does Lily like Fancy Nancy books? If she does there are some great little readers that are simple and will boost her confidence and a great website called star fall. The website is fun and very educational. I love when my kindergarten students start to read and the light bulbs goes on.

amy m. said...

You forgot the best part of our new title "Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison."
I'm scared.
I remember being little and picking a big chapter book from the library and my teacher made me take it back because she said it was too hard for me. I went back to get it later and read it just fine. ; )
Hope you have the safe, snuggly weekend that you planned.

Alex said...

Book club is my new favorite activity too! However, it's hard to convince the males that sappy romance novels can be gender friendly.

Joan said...

Love Tess! It was one of those classics that surprised me. Can I be a member of your book club too?!?